March 2017

Hardwood Hills Ski Bike – Snowshoeing & Cross Country Skiing

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Last year, I had driven to Arrowhead for a day to do some adventuring with my friend Cathy. It was a great day and while I was there I got to snowshoe, skate and cross country ski. I had never cross country skied and was grateful that Cathy was there with me as she'd done it before. We only skied for a few hours, if that, but I thought it was a fun winter activity [...]

January 2017

Limberlost – Snowshoeing in an Enchanted Forest with Lovely Ladies

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I have heard of Limberlost but only vaguely and had never been there.  A new friend from Port Carling asked me if I'd like to go snowshoeing there and I was totally up for it!   I had just camped for a few days at Mew Lake in the Tipi and headed straight to Limberlost Forest and Nature Reserve from Algonquin Park. The roads were a bit crazy and snow covered but we were going [...]

Johnston’s Cranberry Ice Trail – OPENED TODAY!!!!

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With much anticipation, Johnston's Cranberry Ice Trail opened today!!! (Cranboni photo's courtesy of Johnston's Cranberry Marsh, featuring their Cranboni! being driven by awesome Andrew! )   On December 17th, I paid a visit to Johnston's Cranberry Marsh to hike their snowshoe trails. I had a fabulous time there and really enjoyed my visit, but unfortunately, the ice trail wasn't open yet. I have been keeping a close eye on Facebook, and today the post went [...]

December 2016

Marching the Marsh! – Snowshoeing at Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh!

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When I decided to go  snowshoeing at the Cranberry Marsh, I did not expect it to be anything like this! I was online one day in search of places to go snowshoeing and someone asked if I'd been to Johnston's Cranberry Marsh. I actually had, for the Cranberry Festival, but that was it. After a huge week of snow in Muskoka,  some research online, and a few very pleasant Facebook messages between us, I headed [...]

March 2016

Yurting at Silent Lake- Mom’s Sled-in

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While staying in a yurt at Mew Lake with my mom, we met a park ranger who had just come from working at Silent Lake. He told us all about the park and that he highly recommended us paying it a visit.  I had heard a lot about Silent Lake but had never been there so I was appreciative of the information and decided to look into it further when I got home. A few weeks [...]

Solo Winter Camping in My Homemade Tipi – Haliburton Highlands

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February 2016

Looking for Winter in Utopia!- Tiffin Conservation Area

By |2016-02-02T07:48:43-05:00February 2nd, 2016|Categories: #snowshoe, #snowshoeing, Adventure, alone, Canada, cold, conservatationarea, Conservation areas, day trip, Exploring, hike, Hiking, hiking trails, hikingtrails, Nature, Ontario, Ontario Trails, Outdoors, Parks, solo trip, Trails, winter|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

I spent some time at Arrowhead Provincial Park snowshoeing a few sundays ago and I had waited months to do it.  Now that I had, it seems I am addicted.  And it wasn't only the snowshoeing, but the winter wonderland I had done it in.  The problem is, where I live, there is barely any snow, definitely not enough to go snowshoeing in and not even close to a winter wonderland.  The only solution I could come [...]

January 2016

Arrowhead Park-Winter Wonderland Day Trip – Skating Skiing & Snowshoeing-AWESOME!

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Once upon a time, I hated winter ...but then I decided to embrace it. I bought a pair of snowshoes from my favourite place Outdoors Oriented , Elektra's made by Atlas Snowshoe Compamy. Then, I waited, but the snow didn't come! I went winter glamping twice, but it wasn't cold enough for the ice to freeze to skate on, it wasn't snowy enough to snowshoe and cross country skiing wasn't even an option.  I was ready, [...]

October 2015

Go Girl- I peed like a man & I liked it!

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I need to start by saying that this post may not be for everyone - Guys, you may want to skip this, or, it may interest you just as much as the women, especially if you adventure with one of them. Girls, if you adventure, camp, hike, bike, spend a lot of time outdoors or in areas where bathrooms are not always accessible, this post is for you! A few weeks ago, I was at [...]

September 2015


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I'm pretty excited about all the blog posts I have yet to write! I had so many adventures this summer and there just wasn't enough time to write about every single one of them. I can not wait to share them and hopefully get you excited about the places I've been and inspire you to get outside and adventure for yourself, and, share it with others! Nature is addictive you know! I've got lots of fall [...]

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