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I’m pretty excited about all the blog posts I have yet to write! I had so many adventures this summer and there just wasn’t enough time to write about every single one of them.

I can not wait to share them and hopefully get you excited about the places I’ve been and inspire you to get outside and adventure for yourself, and, share it with others! Nature is addictive you know!

I’ve got lots of fall trips, hikes, paddling and outdoor adventures planned, and in a few months, I plan to try #wintercamping for the first time and #snowshoeing!!!!  If you happen to write a blog on that, or have some posts or information on it, please send it my way!

I’ve also been given a new item to try on my next trip by my friends at Outdoors Oriented called the Go Girl ! Ladies if you don’t know what it is, you might want to,  and fellas, you might want to skip that post altogether! 😉   Along with the Go girl, I have tested some items from  #Thermarest, a sleeping pad and a chair, and the chair will be in a comparison post with it’s less expensive rival brand!  Follow back to see who wins that battle and which chair might be right one for your adventures!

Even though the camping season is over for some, I will still be adventuring and sharing all types of outdoorsy posts for you to enjoy and feel like you’re still out there spending time in  nature with me! They say spending time outdoors relieves stress so let’s relieve some stress together! I know I have lots to get rid of!

OH! I almost forgot!!!  A few weeks ago I was nominated by the lovely Alexis for a Liebster award.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an award for new bloggers and one of the conditions is that you must nominate 11 other new bloggers!  That list of Liebster Award nominees will be posted very soon in my upcoming Liebster Award blog post….  so stay tuned for that as well! SEE EXCITING RIGHT? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my oddly short post and that you click that little follow button on my page and follow me! That way you will know when I post something new and you can make sure you don’t miss any stress relieving nature talk! 🙂

Happy Fall Adventuring!!!!

It’s gonna be awesome!!!!!  🙂

Camper Christina

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