H2O Prolite 14’6″ Solo Canoe:  This is the canoe I will be using to trip with in 2020 along with 2 other H2O canoes I will be switching between which haven’t arrived yet.  Like the canoe I paddled from H2O/Frontenac Outfitters last year, this canoe weighs in at 30lbs but this one is made of kevlar, whereas the other is made of innegra bassalt.  Even though there is some color on this one, it doesn’t add much to the weight, thankfully, but it sure does add to it’s beauty.  Not only is it Camper Christina green, but it has vertical stripes in it and it looks amazing on the water. I can not wait to take this out on some adventures!  Huge thank you to H2O and Frontenac Outfitters for their sponsorship.  The check out this canoe further, click here.


H2O Prolite 14’6″ Solo Canoe:   This canoe went on all my big adventures with me in 2019 and has now been returned to Frontenac Outfitters.  It is a super light canoe (30lbs) and extremely tough. I know, because I put it through a lot.  For more information on this canoe, please click the photos or the link to be taken to Frontenac Outfitters page, who I am an ambassador for. They loaned me this canoe for my 2019 adventures.  Check out the video I made on this canoe here.   I will be using some newer canoes from H2O for the 2020 season. Click here to see the video on which ones. 


Delta 15S Kayak:  In 2016 after living in Muskoka for a year, I decided it was time to purchase a kayak.  Yes, i already had one, but I was taking courses with Ontario Sea Kayak Center and needed the proper boat with 2 bulkheads in order to do rescues and the Perception didn’t have that. I also wanted a bigger kayak to be able to bring more gear with me on trips and go out longer and in more challenging areas.  This kayak weighs 44lbs and is 15 feet long and has 3 storage compartments.  I wrote a post about my kayak purchase and you can find it by clicking here. 


Perception Tribute Airalite 12.0: In 2013, I purchased my very first kayak from Outdoors Oriented. The Perception Tribute 12 was a good deal and a kayak I thought would be great for day tripping.  The model has changed a bit since I bought mine, but most of the stats are similar. This kayak is 12 feet long and weighs 42lbs. At the time, I hadn’t done any solo backcountry camping, but I took this kayak on my first solo trip in September of 2015.  I couldn’t believe how much gear I could get onto it and thought I would tip over, but I didn’t and made it in and out of the site safely. To check out my first solo trip, click here.  I still use this kayak when I am doing trips with small easy portages as it is easier to carry than the Delta due to the length.  This was a great first kayak as it is wider and more stable than other kayaks, but that also makes it a bit slower. Thankfully, I’m not into speed on the water, so this boat worked out perfectly for me.