Check out the WINTER CAMPING FOR BEGINNERS COURSE I created on Udemy,  by clicking here.


Many people want go to go out on winter camping trip, but don’t know how? There are so many things to learn and many of them are vital to your enjoyment and survival.

Everything in this course is explained simply, but in great detail and you are able to learn at your own pace from anywhere that is convenient for you. You can go through the entire course in a day, or a year, it’s entirely up to you.

I created this online course so people who are new to winter camping and or want to learn more about it will have just one place to go to learn all of the things needed to head out on a winter front country trip. I have also priced it economically as my real passion, is to have people head out in winter, with the knowledge required for a safe and successful adventure. I sincerely want people to head out on a trip, feeling confident and able to deal with most issues that will arise, and be able to handle them with ease.

In this course, you will find sections, each covering a specific topic. Each section will have lectures inside of it, which will go over the items related to that topic. Each lecture will consist of a short video, combined with pictures and examples to go along with that lecture and what it is covering. Each lecture will cover as much detail as needed for that particular subject. There are over 100 lectures in this course.

Some sections have resources or bonus videos at the end of them, and others have quizzes so you can test your knowledge along the way. The entire course is also full of tips and trips that I have learned over the years and am happy to share with you along the way.

You can pick and chose parts of this course, if you are already familiar with certain topics, but as each lecture is short, it is recommended that you view all the lectures, as there are many ways to do things. You never know what new information you may discover?

So many people have fears associated with winter camping, but sometimes fear can be disguised as a simple lack of knowledge. Learn all the things you need to know about winter camping, and your fears should subside. With knowledge, you have power and my goal here, is to give you as much knowledge as possible, so you are sufficiently prepared for your trip and it is filled with incredible moments that will last a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Check out the WINTER CAMPING FOR BEGINNERS course I created on Udemy,  by clicking here.