In 2015 when I started my blog, I also started a facebook page called Camper Christina.  I do my best to publish photos and video clips there several days a week.  I also like to share some of my favorite social media posts from others that I find interesting and hope you will as well.

I love chatting with like minded people and enjoy getting feedback on my posts.  I put a great deal of thought into everything I publish and work hard to keep my pages fun and interesting.  It is incredibly satisfying to publish a picture of a stunning sunset, for example, and receive a comment that it made someone think of their last trip or made them smile or feel happy in some way.  My goal is to make my page a place where people can enjoy nature and the outdoors through my photographs and videos. I’m not a professional photographer or filmmaker, but it is a huge passion of mine and I enjoy sharing it with others.

If you enjoy posts about the outdoors, nature, canoeing, camping and adventures, year round,  please check out my facebook page and click the like button.  I would really appreciate it, and, I will endeavor to make it a nice place to visit.



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