August 2017

The French – 4 day solo kayak trip – Bye Bye Go Pro Hello Fish! 2 of 2

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In my last post, part 1 of 2, Worst Site, Best Site, I had just said goodnight on a beautiful campsite on Georgian Bay.  The weather had been gloomy the last 2 days and I was hoping to rise early to some sunshine.  Let's see if my wish came true? It was Sunday morning, day 3 of my 4 day, 3 night solo kayak trip on the French River and I woke to a very [...]

February 2017

1st Winter Backcountry Trip … With the Revised Tipi!

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It has taken me over a year to get to this point, but I finally made it and I am proud!  I completed my first winter backcountry trip with the tipi and it was a great adventure!   I learned so many things and experienced a bunch of firsts, some thanks to my new friend Ashley from Young Outdoors. Ashley and I met through social media quite some time ago and after many months of [...]

June 2016

Massasauga solo – Feeling ill in the backcountry

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Last year I went on my first solo trip in the backcountry. It was at The Massasauga and it was awesome and I have been wanting to go back. I had every intention of spending last weekend at home.  Well my new home in Port Carling, but on Friday around 1pm, I was advised I could go home early.  So at 3pm, I decided to call it a day and packed up my camping gear. [...]

May 2016

Thermarest vs thermarest

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The week before my last backcountry trip of the year, I went to Outdoors Oriented for a visit. I needed a few things for my trip.  I was also looking for some items to test out for my blog and Jamie, the stores owner, was kind enough to provide me with one of his tester NeoAir Trekker Thermarest mats! I was stoked. It was so tiny and I was curious to see how comfortable it would be [...]

February 2016

I Survived Mew At Minus 42! – Camping in a Summer Tent- Part 2 My Experience!

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Family day weekend boasted record low temperatures in Ontario.  I decided to go camping at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park, in a summer tent, and at -42, it was a rough but surprisingly fun weekend.  There were many  circumstances that brought me to the Winter in the Wild Festival in Algonquin Park,  as I was expected at Macgregor Point Provincial Park.  Unfortunately, neither of my camping partners could make the trip, leaving me with two [...]

September 2015


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I'm pretty excited about all the blog posts I have yet to write! I had so many adventures this summer and there just wasn't enough time to write about every single one of them. I can not wait to share them and hopefully get you excited about the places I've been and inspire you to get outside and adventure for yourself, and, share it with others! Nature is addictive you know! I've got lots of fall [...]

July 2015

Not Roughing it in the Backcountry – Killarney PP

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On saturday July 18th at 4am my friend Steph and I headed up the Trans Canada highway to Killarney Provincial park for a highly anticipated backcountry trip on Carlyle Lake.  En route we saw two deers along the highway and then two moose! So totally exciting and I hoped a sign of things to come! Not by any means the best picture, but I love it anyways! Upon arrival we were greeted by enthusiastic park [...]

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