December 2018

Concussion #3 – The Quick Fix – What I’ve Learned So Far

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If you have a concussion right now and are seeking quick help, scroll down to where the bold text starts. Do not waste screen time reading the prologue below and then get off the computer asap!  Hope it helps you!   On January 2, 2019 I received my third concussion. It was on the anniversary of when I received my very first concussion, exactly one year before. I was heartbroken and as soon as I [...]

February 2018

Concussions – Be Safe Out There!

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Just over 2 1/2 years ago when I first started my blog, I had decided that I would only write about outdoor things. Recently, as some of you know, I suffered a concussion. This concussion did not happen outside, however I strongly believe that this is something that could happen very easily outdoors.  I wanted to write about it because I was unaware of these things, and I very much would like people to be [...]

May 2016

Thermarest vs thermarest

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The week before my last backcountry trip of the year, I went to Outdoors Oriented for a visit. I needed a few things for my trip.  I was also looking for some items to test out for my blog and Jamie, the stores owner, was kind enough to provide me with one of his tester NeoAir Trekker Thermarest mats! I was stoked. It was so tiny and I was curious to see how comfortable it would be [...]

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