February 2017

Arrowhead Birches Celebrate Galentines

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Ever since my visit to Arrowhead last year  I have been dying to go back again.  When I was in Niagara for Christmas, I had a visit with my friend Andrea, who had been trying to come see me in Muskoka since I'd moved,  but hadn't made it yet.  We devised a plan and this Saturday, was the day we were going to visit Arrowhead with one of our other awesome friends Kim. As Valentines day [...]

October 2016

Turkey Day at McCrae! -Cooking in my new Dutch Oven!

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Since meeting my friend Jason last year, he has been going on about this place called McCrae Lake.  I had never been there and according to him, it was a gorgeous place to spend a weekend camping, fishing and enjoying nature.  The Thanksgiving long weekend was approaching and as I hadn't had any plans yet, I decided it would be a good weekend to check the place out.  It was also the perfect weekend to [...]

September 2016

Huckleberry Rock Trail – a gem in Muskoka

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Since moving to Muskoka and making the drive to Bracebridge for groceries and supplies, etc, I have noticed a sign along highway 118 that says Huckleberry Rock Trail, but until today, I had not investigated it.  I was really glad I did because it's a pretty nice place! It was the day of the Tragically Hip concert, their farewell show in Kingston. I had originally had plans to go camping with some friends but things [...]

May 2016

Killbear – I would never!

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I have always wanted to go to Killbear Provincial Park.  Last year I tried out 7 new Ontario Parks and loved almost every one of them.  This year, the first on my list to try was Killbear! I went to the Ontario Parks Website  and checked out the campground and found some sites that looked great!  I contacted my friend Steph to see if she was in for doing a May 2-4 trip and she was [...]

March 2016

Yurting at Silent Lake- Mom’s Sled-in

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While staying in a yurt at Mew Lake with my mom, we met a park ranger who had just come from working at Silent Lake. He told us all about the park and that he highly recommended us paying it a visit.  I had heard a lot about Silent Lake but had never been there so I was appreciative of the information and decided to look into it further when I got home. A few weeks [...]

Hiking to Starling Lookout – Mew -42, Part 3

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While camping at Mew Lake during Winter in the Wild, my sitemates and myself decided to go for a hike to Starling Lookout. We packed up our backpacks and ourselves as it was a balmy -22 (better than the -42 we'd been through already) and headed out on the trail. We didn't take our snowshoes as we'd been told all the trails were well packed and they weren't needed. I was bummed but no point [...]

December 2015

Hiking in paradise …. accidentally

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It's a really pleasant surprise when you find paradise, especially when you're not looking for it! That's exactly what happened to me that lovely Saturday afternoon. I was looking for Borer Falls and had driven around the area for a while and couldn't find it.  Suddenly I saw a sign and what looked like a trailhead to my left!!! Yay! About time, I said. I parked, got my backpack, walked across the busy street and [...]

September 2015

Lookout Trail – Algonquin PP – Great Hike and view for the effort!

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On Sunday August 30th, my friends and I headed to Lookout Trail in Algonquin Park! Camper Christina signed into the guest book, along with my hiking partners and off we went. We went up and up and up and up. A very steady climb, pretty much all the way! And up some more! And then, we were rewarded with a wonderful view of Algonquin Park! And then we started our decent back down again. The [...]

July 2015

Climbing The Crack..err, I mean hiking it – at Killarney PP – AMAZING!

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I need to start this post by saying The Crack is the best hike I have ever done! I just couldn't wait until I got to the end, there, or,  here. Might as well be aligned right?  But I will now go back to the beginning and explain why and try and show you with the photos I took along the way just how amazingly awesome this trail is! It was a gorgeous day, Monday [...]

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