April 2018

Hunters Bay Trail – Hiking with Eileen – 032418

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In June, 2017, I was invited to participate in the Women on Water event.  It was a wonderful event and during my time there, I met a lovely lady named Eileen. Eileen was there by herself and I went over to introduce myself and talk to her a bit about her pink hair. She had put it in for the weekend to show she was a wild woman and I thought it was very cool, [...]

March 2017

Fire and Ice – Skating at Arrowhead by torchlight

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About a month ago, my friends from Niagara came up for Galentines weekend. I took them to Arrowhead for a day of winter fun!  While we were there, I saw a sign with the dates for the remainder of the years Fire and Ice. The last date listed was Thursday, March 9th.... my birthday!  I knew right away that is what I wanted to do for my birthday this year! \ A few [...]

January 2017

Limberlost – Snowshoeing in an Enchanted Forest with Lovely Ladies

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I have heard of Limberlost but only vaguely and had never been there.  A new friend from Port Carling asked me if I'd like to go snowshoeing there and I was totally up for it!   I had just camped for a few days at Mew Lake in the Tipi and headed straight to Limberlost Forest and Nature Reserve from Algonquin Park. The roads were a bit crazy and snow covered but we were going [...]

January 2016

Arrowhead Park-Winter Wonderland Day Trip – Skating Skiing & Snowshoeing-AWESOME!

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Once upon a time, I hated winter ...but then I decided to embrace it. I bought a pair of snowshoes from my favourite place Outdoors Oriented , Elektra's made by Atlas Snowshoe Compamy. Then, I waited, but the snow didn't come! I went winter glamping twice, but it wasn't cold enough for the ice to freeze to skate on, it wasn't snowy enough to snowshoe and cross country skiing wasn't even an option.  I was ready, [...]

August 2015

Trans Canada Trail in Huntsville – Natural works of art everywhere!!

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On Saturday August 22, 2015, my mom and I, en route to the cottage, stopped at the #TCTrail in Huntsville, Ontario, to check it out! It was 8am when we got there and the area was heavy with fog, but it was extremely beautiful! We turned into the parking lot at Avery Beach Park at  the end of Yonge Street, grabbed our backpacks and headed out to do some exploring, donned in our #WoodsExplorer shirts to promote the [...]

July 2015

Trans Canada Trail in Tay, ON, – The Tay Shore Trail

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Tay is a town in Central Ontario located in the Southern Georgian Bay Region.  On my way home from a lovely 4 days at Grundy Lake Provincial Park,  I decided to stop for a short trek on the Trans Canada Trail  to stretch my legs, break up the four hour drive, and check out the area.  I was not disappointed in what I saw and was very happy I made the decision to make the stop. [...]

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