Go Girl- I peed like a man & I liked it!

I need to start by saying that this post may not be for everyone – Guys, you may want to skip this, or, it may interest you just as much as the women, especially if you adventure with one of them. Girls, if you adventure, camp, hike, bike, spend a lot of time outdoors or in areas where bathrooms are not always accessible, this post is for you!

A few weeks ago, I was at my local Outdoors store, Outdoors Oriented picking up a few things for my next adventure.  The owner Jamie, has been very supportive of my blog and helping me out with gear and information on writing subjects, etc.  Upon cashing out, he looked at the display of the Go Girl item in front of me, and I could literally see the lighbulb pop on over his head! He grabbed one and said, “this would make a great blog post! I want to see you do a review on one of these! ” and he reached over and handed me a Go Girl!


I looked at him with skepticism to see if maybe he was joking, but he was dead serious! I have always wanted to try one of these female urination devices so I pondered it briefly and said ABSOLUTELY! I’ll do it!!!!

My next adventure was meeting my fellow honorary #woodsexplorer Karen and Jeff who had invited me up to their property in the Kawarthas.  Karen is amazing, a marathon runner and a mountaineer, to name just a few of her incredible activities and I was so excited to adventure with her for the weekend. After a few days, I decided I would get her a Go Girl as well to test out. I mean, why not make it fun, right?  So a few days before departure, I went back to Outdoors Oriented and got a Go Girl for Karen as well! 🙂


Saturday morning I got in the car and headed up to the Kawarthas and presented Karen with her gift upon arrival. She laughed and said she had tried something similar a while back and was also very interested to check out this kind of FUD.

An FUD is a female urination device. That is their neat little name for it and basically, it is an item that you can use as a woman which will assist you in peeing standing up, like a man does. It’s washable, germ resistant and made with medical grade silicon. It also comes in a little tube that is very packable and very pink!

Karen and I went adventuring all morning Saturday. (there is a whole separate post being written on our weekend, check back for that soon! ).  After being out on the water for a few hours, we were both ready to give the Go Girl a test!  We opened up the tube, which we both found hard to get in to at first.  Once in, we found this:

IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1881

Basically, there was the FUD , a plastic bag to store the Go Girl after use with directions written on it, and one small napkin.  (I guess for the preliminary use).

We both walked a few steps towards the forest to what looked like a good place to have a pee, turned our backs to each other, and gave the Go Girl a try talking to each other and giggling the whole time.  What a fun sharing experience! hahahaha.

I did my best to use the Go Girl without removing my bottom apparel.  I wanted it to be as similar to a man using it as possible. I unbuttoned and unzipped and only pulled down my bottoms slightly, then inserted the go girl underneath my lady part (lol) and created a seal as suggested. Then, very leerily, I started to pee.

IMG_1882 IMG_1883

It was amazing! The pee came out of the little end that I could point in whatever direction I chose!  I didn’t have to squat and further hurt my already injured knee, I didn’t have to worry about my feet or legs getting wet or accidentally touching my backside to some poisonous plant, or equally bad… getting bitten up by mosquitos and bugs while squatting in the bush!!! THIS WAS FANTASTIC and Karen seemed to also be having a fairly positive experience.

IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1886

I finished up and got the baggy out to package up the go girl until my next use.  I folded and rolled it up and put it back inside the tube, it took some squishing, but I got it back in there and put the lid back on.  Success!


I requested some feedback from Karen and this is what she had to say:

“It’s nice to have an option that keeps your legs and feet dry but best not to use if you really have to go badly or make sure you hold it tight in the back. The reality is us girls still have to pull our pants down to use so the privacy is still an issue. With practice this could be a great tool. The size and flexibility is much better than the one I’ve used previously.”

Later on while sitting by the fire and  after a few drinks I decided I would give the Go Girl another use.  I had to go badly and using the Go Girl this time was not as easy as earlier.  As Karen had mentioned, if you have to go badly, you really have to make sure the seal is tight against you, otherwise, you will get an overflow backsplash.  I think this could be resolved if the hole or tube going out was a bit bigger, or if you get some practice and use it more often…. maybe not while drinking?

Overall, I think this is a terrific product. I am very happy I have it and will definitely be using it again and again.  In the next few weeks, I will be having surgery on my knee and afterwards, squatting will not be an easy task for me for a while.  It will be a huge bonus to be able to pee standing up and I will continue to practice and hopefully get this FUD to the point where I don’t have any more leakage.

If you are interested in checking out a different FUD, my awesome friend Melba who is one of the official #WoodsExplorers is also doing a review on her favourite FUD called the P-style . You can find her full review at Melba’s Toast . Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think! We both spend huge amounts of time in the outdoors and would honestly love to get your feedback on these devices, any brand, any style, and what works best for you or didn’t work for you!!!

If you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hi, please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I am able to! Sometimes, I am out adventuring!

Thanks so much for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you in some way!

Camper Christina

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  1. melbaseto October 8, 2015 at 3:08 am - Reply

    Christina! I really liked your review on the Go Girl! It’s so great to get a first hand account of what you experienced right from the first try. I’m glad you noted the overflow as a something to consider in your product as something like that is not often thought of when trying to learn to pee the first time. You gave such a great openminded review on the product, I really enjoy how genuine you are! Like you said if you ever get a chance come see my review on another pee device called the PStyle! follow this link to get you there: http://buff.ly/1Q9enuh

    Someday my friend… we will get to pee together and we will officially be outdoor sisters!




    • camperchristina October 9, 2015 at 12:26 am - Reply

      Oh Melba! You give the best reviews ever!!! I love reading them! It makes me so happy and makes me feel like I am doing a really good job! Thank you so much for doing this cross branding post with me! It was so much fun, I think we’ll have to do it again! And I also enjoy how genuine you are, and so totally awesome! Can’t wait to pee with you! cheers!

  2. Empress Alexis October 8, 2015 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    I didn’t know they had anything like that. Thankfully I’ve never been out hiking and wanted to pee so bad that I had to squat in the bushes. Nevertheless, this could be handy tool to have just in case!

    • camperchristina October 8, 2015 at 2:17 pm - Reply

      Yes, it sure is. I can’t believe you’ve never had to pee hiking? I have to go constantly, or think i do anyways. There are quite a few types on the market. My friend Melba did a post on the P-style, her blog is linked to my post. Looks like a really good option as well! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I love getting feedback like this. I thought most girls knew about these so happy to know I am reaching some people who haven’t yet! 🙂 Have an awesome day!

      • Empress Alexis October 8, 2015 at 2:34 pm - Reply

        Really? I usually make sure that I go before, so that I don’t have that problem later. I usually make it back home before needing to, or there’s sometimes a restroom at the start or end of the trail.

        No prob. I saw the title and had to see what it was about. Thanks for the hiking education!

        • camperchristina October 8, 2015 at 2:55 pm - Reply

          Happy to be of assistance! I’m actually having knee surgery in a few weeks so I will use the Go Girl to pee so I don’t have to squat down onto the toilet with my leg sticking out. Will be so much easier. People use it for lots of different reasons I guess?

          oh, haha. sometimes I am gone for the entire day hiking and when I backcountry camp a few days, so it will definitely be helpful. Thanks so much for commenting. Love hearing from you! 🙂

  3. karengeterdone October 8, 2015 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    I pee’ed with you! LOL .. yup we did. I’m the girl who still had to pull down her bottoms to use the device. It was better than the 1st one I tried but could use improvement. More important than FUD’ing together was finally getting to meet you and have some fun together. It was the 1st time but it won’t be the last time. Great review! Peace Out my Friend Karengeterdone.com

    • camperchristina October 9, 2015 at 12:23 am - Reply

      You sure did and you gave me a great comment for the post as well! Thanks so much for peeing with me! you are the most awesomest chickadee-tah ever! Meh! I just had super low rise pants on! lol. And we will definitely be seeing each other again! xo

  4. Oleksandra Budna October 8, 2015 at 11:39 pm - Reply

    Awesome review! I read about those before and was curious how they work. Now I know. Will probably get one for myself.

    • camperchristina October 9, 2015 at 12:22 am - Reply

      I love it! thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad it helped. What a cool device eh? Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  5. meganh143 February 2, 2016 at 3:52 pm - Reply

    I’ve used a similar FUD and they do work well.

    Recently I have been using a disposable urinal called the TravelJohn. It has absorbent material which soaks up liquids and it is surprising how much liquid it does absorb. It gets used on long family car trips when the kids have to pee and we aren’t able to stop. It works very well for adults too. I have had a few times when I really needed to pee after holding it for awhile during a long drive. It fits well in the female region, and I’m able to sit on the edge of the seat and urinate into the device (it would probably work well going full stream, but I try to do spurts to make sure it absorbs). The only issue, at least for us women, is that you do need to have your pants down a bit so there is a privacy issue if you have other family members in the car. However, the advantages of being able to urinate and relieve yourself without getting out of the car especially if you have to pee really bad outweighs the privacy issue (ok, turn your heads and don’t look. Sometimes that works).

    • camperchristina February 2, 2016 at 4:12 pm - Reply

      Wow! that is really awesome! Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to comment and share your information with me and the people who read the blog! It is greatly appreciated! 🙂 I will have to check into this TravelJohn! Have a super duper day! 🙂

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