December 2016

Brydon’s Bay Trail – Mom visits Port Carling!

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Since I moved to Port Carling in May, my mom has not been to visit.  She doesn't have a vehicle and getting a bus or train here isn't really the best option.  As it takes me about 3 hours to get to her and 3 hours to get back, going to pick her up, and drop her off has not been an option either, so it's been tough. We haven't been able to do much [...]

July 2016

Hardy Lake – The 8km loop

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I woke up to a gorgeous day Saturday and headed out to Mactier to do an address change on my drivers License.  When I got back to my place in Port Carling, I asked my roomates what they had planned for the day?  I had decided to do the bigger loop at Hardy Lake as I'd done the smaller one when I'd first arrived and loved it there.  Both Molly and Debra were in, so we [...]

June 2016

Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayaking Skills Course with Ontario Sea Kayak Centre

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I've wanted to retake my kayaking course for some time now. I guess I should say 'retake' lightly as the first course I took in 2004 was not a certificate program through Paddle Canada and was only an 8 hour course, but, I did learn quite a few of the items that were on the list for the Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1 course. A few weeks ago I began researching a few places [...]

Wilderness Navigation – Getting Lost on purpose Frontenac PP

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Since my very first backcountry trip in 2001 I have been carrying a compass in my backpack on every single trip I go on.  You would think that would make me smart, but the reality is, I have never learned how to use a compass. I was never in girl guides or scouts or brownies or participated in any type of class or course to show me how to use this amazing instrument. I have [...]

May 2016

Hardy Lake PP- no gas, got lost… but it was so amazing there!

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I got off work right at 5 with the intention of heading to Hardy Lake for a hike.  I packed my backpack the night before and when I finished for the day at the office, I walked over to my bedroom (lol), grabbed my backpack and off I went! Hardy Lake Provincial Park is about 20 minutes from my new home. I actually came to visit it the day of my job interview, but knowing [...]

March 2016

Yurting at Silent Lake- Mom’s Sled-in

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While staying in a yurt at Mew Lake with my mom, we met a park ranger who had just come from working at Silent Lake. He told us all about the park and that he highly recommended us paying it a visit.  I had heard a lot about Silent Lake but had never been there so I was appreciative of the information and decided to look into it further when I got home. A few weeks [...]

Hiking to Starling Lookout – Mew -42, Part 3

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While camping at Mew Lake during Winter in the Wild, my sitemates and myself decided to go for a hike to Starling Lookout. We packed up our backpacks and ourselves as it was a balmy -22 (better than the -42 we'd been through already) and headed out on the trail. We didn't take our snowshoes as we'd been told all the trails were well packed and they weren't needed. I was bummed but no point [...]

January 2016

Winter Camping in a Summer Tent-NYE at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park

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Judging by my name, Camper Christina, it's safe to say I love camping. What my name doesn't say is that I hate the cold and am not a huge fan of snow!  As I have been strictly a 3 season camper, I have never had the need for a winter tent, which in addition to cold and snow, is a big reason I didn't think I would ever go winter camping.  Regardless of that,  I [...]

December 2015

Winter Glamping at Mew Lake! – Yurt Trip

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If someone had told me a year ago that I would go winter camping, or glamping, in this case, I would've said they were crazy.  Up until this year, it has never crossed my mind to even attempt adventuring in the snow, and now I have done it and am actually even camping in a tent for my next two trips!  Being in nature in the snow is truly magical and I now understand why [...]

Great day on the TCT in Ridgeway!

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I woke up to a beautiful day, 15 degrees in mid November!  I had had knee surgery just over 3 weeks ago and I was feeling awesome! Last weekend I had ridden the Trans Canada Trail in Fort Erie and today, I was up for a new adventure! I shuffled over to my computer and clicked on the Trans Canada Trail website to find a section of the trail I could ride my bike on, that I hadn't done [...]

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