While camping at Mew Lake during Winter in the Wild, my sitemates and myself decided to go for a hike to Starling Lookout.

We packed up our backpacks and ourselves as it was a balmy -22 (better than the -42 we’d been through already) and headed out on the trail.

IMG_7240 IMG_7247



We didn’t take our snowshoes as we’d been told all the trails were well packed and they weren’t needed. I was bummed but no point in using gear that isn’t required,  so off we went.

IMG_7254 IMG_7255

IMG_7260 IMG_7264

We headed to the falls first and then hit the highland backpacking trail to the left to go towards Starling Lake.

IMG_7265 IMG_7271

IMG_7272 IMG_7284

Our goal was the Starling Lookout. The trail was pretty steep in many places, especially with the icy snow and it felt like I was going uphill alot, which got me excited for the way back down!  

IMG_7289 IMG_7296

IMG_7300 IMG_7302

Chris had a gps with him so he navigated us to the Lookout fairly easily.

IMG_7307 IMG_7311

The sun was beaming and it was a beautiful day to be outside!!!  I was loving every second of  being outside today!

IMG_7314  IMG_7315

IMG_7321 IMG_7320

Just one more steep hill, or two, or three, man my legs were getting tired! This lookout best be spectacular!

IMG_7326 IMG_7328

IMG_7334 IMG_7340

It was spectacular.. and  impressive and so beautiful!

IMG_7344 IMG_7348

IMG_7352 IMG_7355

It was extremely cold up there with the wind, even with the sun beaming down on us. I was not cold in the slightest all day, until we stopped.   After we had a snack and took some pics, we headed back the way we came. Can you spot the wolf-dog below? LOL

IMG_7358 IMG_7359 (1)

The best part about the way back was that every one of those steep ups we climbed, were now downs you could slide down. YES THIS GIRL GOT ON HER BUTT and slid down them ALL like a little kid on a waterside! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  After some convincing Victoria and Chris gave it a shot and I got a few pics of them, but they didn’t quite seem to enjoy it as much as I did. To each their own right?


When we got back from hiking it was after 4 and we were all a bit tired.  I went to visit some people at the campground and then ended up in Chris and Victorias hot tent afterwards for about 3 straight hours! For more on that camping trip, click here to return to that post to see how the rest of the weekend goes?

I really hope you enjoyed my post and it inspired you to get outdoors and do some adventuring!

If you have any questions, comments or issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I love hearing from people and sharing their stories as well!

Happy Hiking!

Camper Christina