January 2017

Johnston’s Cranberry Ice Trail – OPENED TODAY!!!!

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With much anticipation, Johnston's Cranberry Ice Trail opened today!!! (Cranboni photo's courtesy of Johnston's Cranberry Marsh, featuring their Cranboni! being driven by awesome Andrew! )   On December 17th, I paid a visit to Johnston's Cranberry Marsh to hike their snowshoe trails. I had a fabulous time there and really enjoyed my visit, but unfortunately, the ice trail wasn't open yet. I have been keeping a close eye on Facebook, and today the post went [...]

Tipi Test at Mew – Last Trip of 2016

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Last year I had the great privilege of being invited to Mew Lake for New Years Eve Camping.  It was one of the best New Years Eve's I've ever had! I met some extraordinary people who I've spent time with over the past year and enjoyed camping in the snow more than I thought I would. This year, I was incredibly honored to be invited to my friend Stevie's wedding, happening on New Years Eve [...]

December 2016

Marching the Marsh! – Snowshoeing at Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh!

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When I decided to go  snowshoeing at the Cranberry Marsh, I did not expect it to be anything like this! I was online one day in search of places to go snowshoeing and someone asked if I'd been to Johnston's Cranberry Marsh. I actually had, for the Cranberry Festival, but that was it. After a huge week of snow in Muskoka,  some research online, and a few very pleasant Facebook messages between us, I headed [...]

Paddling on Big East Lake – Living Life With No Regrets

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It is a time of year when one must be really careful going out on the water.  I often receive comments of concern, people calling me brave,  and others blatantly stating I am unsafe, careless and should not be doing what I'm doing.   What if you fall out of your kayak?  You will freeze instantly!!! I have been kayaking for over 15 years of my life.  In that time, I have never, not once, [...]

March 2016

Yurting at Silent Lake- Mom’s Sled-in

By |2016-03-21T19:09:57-05:00March 21st, 2016|Categories: #snowshoeing, Adventure, bonnies pond, camp, Campers, camping, campsite, Canada, carcamping, cold, Exploring, glamping, hike, Hikers, Hiking, hiking trails, ice, inspiration, Lookout, Nature, Ontario, ontario parks, Ontario Trails, Outdoors, Parks, pull in, silent lake, sledding, Uncategorized, walkling, walks, winter, winter Wonderland, winterglamping, yurt|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

While staying in a yurt at Mew Lake with my mom, we met a park ranger who had just come from working at Silent Lake. He told us all about the park and that he highly recommended us paying it a visit.  I had heard a lot about Silent Lake but had never been there so I was appreciative of the information and decided to look into it further when I got home. A few weeks [...]

CLIMBING AN ICE WALL – An Epic Adventure!

By |2016-03-07T20:08:42-05:00March 7th, 2016|Categories: Adventure, Algonquin, axe, blog, Canada, Climb, Climbing, cold, crampons, Exploring, frozen waterfalls, Fun, girls, gloves, ice, ice wall, iceclimbing, icefalls, icewall, inspiration, learning, medeba, Ontario, Outdoors, teepee, tipi, Uncategorized, water, waterfalls, winter|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Have you ever wanted to climb a wall of ice?  For me the answer is "ABSOLUTELY!" A few months ago I went on a waterfall trip to see some frozen waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Tiffany Falls, a gorgeous sight frozen was my favourite of the three I visited that day.   Upon doing research for the blog post, I discovered that people actually climb it in the winter.  WHAT? For real? How cool is [...]

February 2016

Sherman Falls

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It was a gorgeous Saturday morning when I embarked on my adventure to visit Sherman Falls.  Out of all the falls in Hamilton, this one was special to me, as it and I boast the same name!  Well, mine is spelled slightly more complicated, but audibly they are one in the same! Located in Ancaster Village, Sherman falls is a 17 metre high curtain waterfall that is a feature along the area's Bruce Trail. According [...]

Tiffany Falls- Frozen & Fabulous!!!

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Not adventuring for someone like me is difficult.  Whenever I have a spare hour or two, or more, I start thinking of a place I can run off to and explore it.  But sadly, time for me,  doesn't always allow that.  Suprisingly to people who know me and are on my facebook, especially, think blogging and adventuring is my full time job.  This,  is actually not a job at all, it is what I do [...]

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