March 2016

CLIMBING AN ICE WALL – An Epic Adventure!

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Have you ever wanted to climb a wall of ice?  For me the answer is "ABSOLUTELY!" A few months ago I went on a waterfall trip to see some frozen waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Tiffany Falls, a gorgeous sight frozen was my favourite of the three I visited that day.   Upon doing research for the blog post, I discovered that people actually climb it in the winter.  WHAT? For real? How cool is [...]

July 2015

Climbing The Crack..err, I mean hiking it – at Killarney PP – AMAZING!

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I need to start this post by saying The Crack is the best hike I have ever done! I just couldn't wait until I got to the end, there, or,  here. Might as well be aligned right?  But I will now go back to the beginning and explain why and try and show you with the photos I took along the way just how amazingly awesome this trail is! It was a gorgeous day, Monday [...]

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