February 2017

1st Winter Backcountry Trip … With the Revised Tipi!

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It has taken me over a year to get to this point, but I finally made it and I am proud!  I completed my first winter backcountry trip with the tipi and it was a great adventure!   I learned so many things and experienced a bunch of firsts, some thanks to my new friend Ashley from Young Outdoors. Ashley and I met through social media quite some time ago and after many months of [...]

January 2017

My post this week is at My Self Reliance! WOOHOO!!!!!

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope your day is going great ! This week my blog post is being featured on My Self Reliance, by Shawn James!!! WOOOHOO!!!!! Shawn contacted me to ask if he could do an interview on me as part of a series he is doing on Winter Camping, and of course, I happily agreed! I set up the tipi for him to see how it all goes together and Shawn made an amazing [...]

Revising the Tipi and a Sled for Winter Backcountry Camping!

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Over the summer, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about Winter Camping. I know it might seem off but I am always looking ahead to what I want to do next and making sure I have sufficiently planned all of that out so it is not just a possibility but a reality! As many of you that have followed my winter adventures know, last year, I built my very own tipi from scratch [...]

April 2016

Homemade fire starter

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With all the camping I do, I can use all the savings I can find. Even if its just a few dollars here and there!  I always bring firestarter with me on every trip. It is a small item that can sometimes make or break your camping trip.  Sometimes you are in the backcountry and all the good wood has been used up, or, you just arrived after several days of rain.  Sometimes the wood [...]

January 2016

How to build a Tipi! CamperChristina style!

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Somehow the thought of winter camping never occurred to me.  For one, I hate the cold, and for two, I don't really care for snow.  Every year when winter arrives, I hibernate along with many other warm weathered canadians who enjoy the other 3 seasons, but know that winter is a time to catch up on movies, tv series, cleaning the house, indoor DIY projects, etc.  But this year, somehow that changed.  I had been [...]

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