Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope your day is going great !

This week my blog post is being featured on My Self Reliance, by Shawn James!!! WOOOHOO!!!!!


Shawn contacted me to ask if he could do an interview on me as part of a series he is doing on Winter Camping, and of course, I happily agreed!


I set up the tipi for him to see how it all goes together and Shawn made an amazing video to reflect this!  I’ve included a few screenshots from the video, but they honestly don’t do the video justice. The set up and tear down are shown in the video on fast forward and it is very cool, even for me to see, someone who’s set it up a lot!


He also interviewed me and we discussed a lot of great topics regarding winter camping!


In addition to the video,  Shawn asked me to write a guest blog on his page describing the new renovations I recently made to the tipi. TAHDAH!!!!!!


Please click here to see this weeks post and please let me know what you think of the tipi and the interview! I’d love your feedback!


All photos taken by Shawn James of My Self Reliance! (well… most of the photos in this post were created using screenshots from Shawn’s video. His pictures are far more superior than these screenshots!!  )

Thanks so much!

Please go see the real post now and that cool video!! CLICK HERE! 

Camper Christina

Big huge thanks to Shawn James and My Self Reliance for asking me to do this project with him!