June 2016

Massasauga solo – Feeling ill in the backcountry

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Last year I went on my first solo trip in the backcountry. It was at The Massasauga and it was awesome and I have been wanting to go back. I had every intention of spending last weekend at home.  Well my new home in Port Carling, but on Friday around 1pm, I was advised I could go home early.  So at 3pm, I decided to call it a day and packed up my camping gear. [...]

May 2016

Restoule PP – Spring has sprung!

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Last year at this time, I had not winter camped all season. I had not winter camped at all. By April I was dying to get outdoors and into my tent. With May long weekend coming up, I had a chat with mom to see if she'd want to go on a little trip, and then went onto the Ontario Parks site to find somewhere to go! We had never been to Restoule, but I have [...]

February 2016

I Survived Mew At Minus 42! – Camping in a Summer Tent- Part 2 My Experience!

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Family day weekend boasted record low temperatures in Ontario.  I decided to go camping at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park, in a summer tent, and at -42, it was a rough but surprisingly fun weekend.  There were many  circumstances that brought me to the Winter in the Wild Festival in Algonquin Park,  as I was expected at Macgregor Point Provincial Park.  Unfortunately, neither of my camping partners could make the trip, leaving me with two [...]

Our Winter Village-Camping at Mew at -42! -Part 1

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Several people who walked past the site I was staying on at Mew Lake, Family Day Weekend, said that it looked like a little village. This got me to thinking about it, and the differences betwen winter camping vs the remaining seasons.   When you're camping in winter it really is just like we are all part of a small village.  There is a great feeling of community among all of the campers.  We are all temporarily living in [...]

January 2016

Winter Camping in a Summer Tent-NYE at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park

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Judging by my name, Camper Christina, it's safe to say I love camping. What my name doesn't say is that I hate the cold and am not a huge fan of snow!  As I have been strictly a 3 season camper, I have never had the need for a winter tent, which in addition to cold and snow, is a big reason I didn't think I would ever go winter camping.  Regardless of that,  I [...]

September 2015


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Every year for four years now, I pick a weekend to spend at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park. This year was no different, what was different though, were the people I was going with. I was lucky enough to have two of my most favorite people on the planet accompanying me on this adventure and we were all excited and ready to get it underway! We headed out at 5am and had a wonderful, traffic-free journey. [...]

August 2015

Longpoint Provincial Park – Playing with FIRE!

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Longpoint Provincial Park is the fourth oldest park in Ontario, boasting over 1.5 km's of sandy beach!  It is one of my favourite beaches in Ontario and I have been camping at Longpoint for about 8 years straight now. The tradition was started by my friend Cynthia, who used to have a group of her friends join her there annually, and has continued on with our volleyball group, spending a few days of fun in [...]

July 2015

Not Roughing it in the Backcountry – Killarney PP

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On saturday July 18th at 4am my friend Steph and I headed up the Trans Canada highway to Killarney Provincial park for a highly anticipated backcountry trip on Carlyle Lake.  En route we saw two deers along the highway and then two moose! So totally exciting and I hoped a sign of things to come! Not by any means the best picture, but I love it anyways! Upon arrival we were greeted by enthusiastic park [...]

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