May 2016

Restoule PP – Spring has sprung!

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Last year at this time, I had not winter camped all season. I had not winter camped at all. By April I was dying to get outdoors and into my tent. With May long weekend coming up, I had a chat with mom to see if she'd want to go on a little trip, and then went onto the Ontario Parks site to find somewhere to go! We had never been to Restoule, but I have [...]

December 2015

You can text in texting gloves! – Outdoor Research!

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After publishing my post on the Marmot Connect Gloves and finding the ones I had too large for me and not as effective as I'd like them, I spoke to my favourite outdoors store contact, Jamie at Outdoors Oriented.  He advised that the gloves did indeed look too big for me and he wanted to resolve the issue for me.  Hence, why I love this place so much! I went in on Thursday after work and Jamie [...]

Can you Text in Texting Gloves?- Marmot Connect Glove

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On Sunday November 22nd, I went on a very chilly paddle on Richardson Creek in St. Catharines, Ontario.  The paddle was absolutely stunning and as I have this blog, I spent a huge amount of the paddle taking photos! (plus I just love it!)  Four hundred and eighteen photos to be exact!  As I take all my photos with my iPhone, I can not do so without taking off my gloves.  My hands started to get numb [...]

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