November 2017

Fall Paddling Trip to Nunikani – Snorts, Surprises & Snow

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It was a great weekend, it was cold, it was wet, it was windy and I vowed momentarily not to camp again until next summer, but it was a total hoot! I had been in correspondence with Mike Burns who had provided me with a huge amount of advice and information regarding my recent solo trip to Killarney.  I had met Mike at the 150 through another friend Derek, from Paddling Adventures Radio, a podcast [...]

February 2017

1st Cold Camping Trip! – Solo Backcountry on St. Nora Lake

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 It was Thanksgiving weekend, 2001 and I did a backcountry trip backpacking in to Bucholtz Lake on the Eastern Pines Backpacking Trail in Algonquin Park. I had a -5 sleeping bag and I remember I was laying there wearing all the clothes I had brought in,  including my jacket, in my sleeping bag and I was frozen solid.  All I wanted to do was be warm but there was no way I was walking  out [...]