December 2018

Camper Christina Cooks – Making Chicken Stew

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With winter camping well under way, I needed to prepare a delicious hearty meal to bring with me on my winter trips.  I have never made chicken stew before, but I put together the ingredients that I had, that I liked and thought would be tasty and it turned out amazingly well.   Now, one of my favourite meals!   Hope you enjoy this weeks post, a new addition to the Camper Christina Cooks Series, [...]

November 2018

Camper Christina Cooks – Making Prosciutto Basil Tomato Pasta

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This weeks blog post will be directed to a video from my Camper Christina Cooks Series, Making Prosciutto Basil Tomato Pasta during my trip this summer to Tim Lake.  I could write up a post on it as well, but for the cooking videos, it just seems easier to do it by video alone. I hope you enjoy this weeks post. If you would like to say hi, ask a question or leave [...]

July 2018

Camper Christina Cooks – Making Camping Pancakes

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On my camping trip over the May long weekend, I made strawberry pancakes using dehydratred strawberries that I made earlier in the season and topped them with my homemade maple syrup which I also made earlier this year.  Due to concussion #2 and working on renovating my new house,  this post will be the youtube video that I created for Camper Christina Cooks - Making Strawberry Pancakes.  I hope you don't mind and that you [...]

July 2015

Yummy things to eat in the Backcountry when you’re not roughing it!

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I have had a few requests from people to do a post about food in the backcountry. Even my own mom was surprised when I told her we were having steak.  What? she said... You are going into the backcountry, you should be eating hot dogs no? hahaha. Well, I could, but I don't really like hot dogs, so I figure out fun things to eat and ways to keep them from spoiling and enjoy [...]