It was a gorgeous November day and I spent most of it paddling off of East Beach.  It wasn’t dark yet though and I still had some time to get in a hiking trail before night fell.


Might as well visit my favorite trail in the park, Whiskey Rapids.

img_1226 img_1227

The trail is only 2.1 km’s and just the right size for the time I had before it would start getting dark.

img_1228 img_1229

I am not sure why, but I have always loved the Whiskey Rapids hiking trail in Algonquin park.

img_1232 img_1234

The trail is full of history, which you can learn about by reading along in the guide book when you visit the trail.

img_1235 img_1242

It is also a great place to visit, especially in the fall when the big crowds have come and gone.

img_1247 img_1250

The trail starts off going down a somewhat steep slope but after that it is a fairly easy walk.

img_1252 img_1256

img_1259 img_1260

A good portion of the trail runs along water. There is calm still water,  water that rushes past quickly, water you can step in and water you stand high above of.

img_1261 img_1266

The water views are some of my favorite anywhere and that might be a big reason I love this trail.

img_1269 img_1273

I am a water girl, after all.

img_1276 img_1277

The water along the trail is generally calm when the winds are low, except for the area where the  rapids are. (pictured near the end)

img_1279 img_1280

img_1281 img_1282

The trail also has a lot of boardwalks, bridges, a few stairs and lots of roots.  They definitely add character, don’t you think?

img_1284 img_1286

img_1290 img_1294

The trail also has alot of narrow pathways that look like someone carved them out of the forest, no doubt made by the endless people who come to explore the trail.

img_1295 img_1299

I think this also adds a unique kind of beauty to it.

img_1300 img_1303

Well worn, some might say, well loved, I would say.

img_1304 img_1307


There are also lots of unique flora and fauna along the trail.


I have recently taken a big interest in fungi and there were many species for me to photograph and check out.

img_1320 img_1321

I really loved these ones especially. They were so cute, like out of a cartoon or something.


And I couldn’t resist smushing one of the puffballs to see their insides come shooting out!  Such cool little things.

img_1336 img_1354

Just before the trail turns to go back into the forest and take you back towards the parking lot, you get a gorgeous view of the rapids.

img_1328 img_1330

The sound of the rushing water is magical. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of people where I wanted to take a video for this post, so I just squeezed in and snapped a quick picture.

img_1333 img_1337

After that,  the trail leads you away from the beautiful Whiskey Rapids and along an old logging road.

img_1338 img_1345

I had some fun playing with the setting sun and the long shadows  on my way out.


It also  created some beautiful views on my way out of the trail.

img_1360 img_1361

And just like that, after a bit of a steep walk upwards again, you are back to where you started.


It was time to head home, feeling completely refreshed after spending a day in Algonquin Park visiting two of my favorite places.

I hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully you get out soon to enjoy this trail yourself!

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Hiking!

Camper Christina