November 2016

Whiskey Rapids in Fall- My Favourite Trail in Algonquin

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It was a gorgeous November day and I spent most of it paddling off of East Beach.  It wasn't dark yet though and I still had some time to get in a hiking trail before night fell. Might as well visit my favorite trail in the park, Whiskey Rapids. The trail is only 2.1 km's and just the right size for the time I had before it would start getting dark. I am not sure [...]

September 2015

Whiskey Rapids Trail – A true Gem at Algonquin Provincial Park

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On Monday August 24th, 2015, my mom and I headed out to Whiskey Rapids Trail in Algonquin Park, one of our favourite trails there! Whiskey Rapids is a great trail. I love it for many reasons.  The trail starts off going down a bit of a steep hill.  You can almost hear the water right from the start but can not see it.  When it does come into view, you are repeatedly rewarded with gorgeous [...]

Ragged Falls Provincial Park – So beautiful!

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On Monday August 24th, my mom and I stopped by to check out one of our favourite places in Algonquin Park, well, just outside of Algonquin Park, called Ragged Falls! Ragged Falls Provincial Park is it's own separate provincial park, however, if you have a day pass for any provincial park, it can be used for all of them.  Therefore, we didn't have to pay the parking fee to spend some time there, which is [...]

August 2015

Ragged Falls Via Kayak from Oxtongue Lake

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Every year I take my mom to the Parkway Cottages & Resort in Dwight, Ontario.  I went there in 2001 after my very first backcountry trip in Algonquin Park. Five days of roughing it, followed by 5 days of cottaging.  It was a great trip and since then I have been going back occasionally. One year, I decided to take my mom for her birthday and she has wanted to go there every year since. [...]

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