June 2018

Dehydrating Fun – Prepping for Tripping

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For my very first backcountry trip, ever, in 2002, I dehydrated all of my own food.  Even back then it was popular and even more so as it was a lot harder to buy food already packaged and prepared in those foil bags like there is now. I mean, it existed but it was a lot more processed and not quite a delicious and good as the stuff they make is now. In 2002, I [...]

July 2015

Woods Mini Pack Axe Mini Hatchet

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In preparation for my 3 day backcountry trip to Killarney Provincial Park Ontario Parks, I sought out the perfect tool to chop wood with.  I had recently bought a Sven Saw and loved it but that was for sawing wood and sometimes you needed a chopping tool when in the woods.  As I have been following the #woodsexplorer since day one, not being one of the successful candidates, but still very interested in the adventure of it all, [...]

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