In preparation for my 3 day backcountry trip to Killarney Provincial Park Ontario Parks, I sought out the perfect tool to chop wood with.  I had recently bought a Sven Saw and loved it but that was for sawing wood and sometimes you needed a chopping tool when in the woods.  As I have been following the #woodsexplorer since day one, not being one of the successful candidates, but still very interested in the adventure of it all, I had seen a viable option for a backcountry axe in a video I saw posted on the Woods Canada Facebook page.

Basically, Melba and Adam had a mishap with their paddles and missing one, had to create it from scratch out of wood. Adam used a small axe and upon asking what it was, I was told it was this .

So, I figured I should give it a try? If it’s good enough for making a kayak paddle from wood, then it should be good enough for me to use to chop wood, right?

woods mini pack axe

Upon arrival in Killarney to our backcountry site, my friend Steph and I were delighted to discover the previous tenants of our site had left us a pile of wood to use.  Unfortunately, but to my advantage in this case, many of the pieces were far too large to use in the small fire pit we had. I pulled out my mini pick axe and gave it a go!  The axe is very small but very mighty. It chopped through the wood incredibly easily and quickly and I was very impressed with it! I used it several times throughout the following days in the backcountry for similar jobs and was very satisfied with the axe’s performance.  The axe is very compact, has a nice grip on the handle, it comes with a cover to store it in your pack without slicing through other things in your bag and was very economically priced!  I would definitely recommend this axe if you are in need of a product such as this for your next outdoor adventure!


Photo Credit: Stephanie Mercier

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Camper Christina