Rockway Conservation Area is a 126 hectare park featuring the Bruce Trail and the Rockway Falls Side Trail.  It is a beautiful place to go for a hike, boasting many water features, great hiking and wildlife.

On Saturday, July 11th, 2015, my friend Beth and I decided to go for an early evening hike at Rockway.  I am unsure if there are any other places to park, other than the lot I go to which is actually a parking lot for the Rockway Community Centre.  The parking lot is located off of Pelham Road in between seventh and ninth streets in Lincoln, ON, just outside of St. Catharines.  I have attached a map to help you locate it, as somehow, I always get lost en route to this park, even though I’ve been there, probably fifty times.

Park at Rockway Community Centre to access the hiking trails of Rockway Conservation Area.

Park at Rockway Community Centre to access the hiking trails of Rockway Conservation Area.

I really love hiking at Rockway for several reasons. The park is barely ever busy, there is lots of water interacting with the trails in the park and there is always a good chance of spotting wildlife there.  It is also a great hike, some ups and downs but not too much where you feel like passing out, and there are lots of places to explore, no matter how many times you’ve been there. I also have a thing for rocks and there are plenty of them here to climb on and over and around.


On the hike I did today, I unfortunately didn’t see any deer, lots of fur on the ground, but no deer.  Instead, we were surprised to discover an incredibly large amount of frogs. They were everywhere, to the point I was afraid we were stepping on them while going through the park. I’m guessing July is when frogs have their babies? Not quite sure but I can say it was definitely a cool experience to see so many at one time, in one place. If I would have to guess, I’d say I saw, 25-30 of them, not including the ones we heard jumping through the foliage which would’ve easily doubled the number. They weren’t all in one place, just throughout the entire time we hiked the trail. I couldn’t manage to get a picture of any of the babies, they were so quick, but I got a few of the mom/dads? lol


photo by Beth Leclair

photo by Beth Leclair


Similar to the water levels in 15 mile creek, the water is quite low here at this time of year.  The first set of falls you come across, after the ones at the parking lot were barely running with a small amount of water going over the rocks. The next few sets though are still flowing well and seem to not be dropping too badly yet.

We walked for about an hour, made it to as far as I know that you can go, which is a lower pond type of area and then turned to head back.  We sat at the 2nd set of falls for a while as it’s a nice place to rest, watch the water, and get a bit of spray off the falls. After that we headed back towards the parking lot.


About 5-10 minutes short of getting there we both smelled campfire so we detoured to the large makeshift fire pit that’s been made somewhat in between 2 of the trails exiting the park.  It was smoking and smoldering and I did not feel good about leaving it that way, nor did Beth.   We scanned the area and found remnants of what looked like a bush party.  Half a can of pringles, empty beer bottles, gatorade bottles, dorito’s, etc etc.  It looked like they tried to pick up after themselves as there was one grocery bag already full of trash, but the rest of the trash was spread out over the area. Beth and I always carry a few empty grocery bags in our backpacks and we filled up 2 more before feeling as if we’d colleted all of it.  We both emptied the contents of our water bottles on the fire and doused it as much as we could, then hiked out the alternate path to the right going up which is all large boulders. (I have challenged all explorers, all people, to hike out just one piece of trash and post a photo dong  it with the #CleanUpOurParks as I am very serious about cleaning up our parks, trails, streets, basically our world! Hoping you are doing the same out there!)


I love this part of the trail. It is somewhat dangerous looking and I really like that no one has tried to put a fence around it or condemn it somehow so people can’t climb up it.  I have a photo of me scending one rock as I learned on a tutorial video by the Woods Explorers, Adam and Melba.

It was quite fun, but unlike them, this rock, I’m certain had been scended (sp?) many many times and therefore I did not earn the right to name it!  I’m sure it would’ve loved to be called Twinkletoes!


photo by Beth Leclair

photo by Beth Leclair

I would rate this hike intermediate as there are some steep hills, but if you take your time, I’m sure you can do it!

I really hope you enjoyed reading my post!

If you have any questions, comments or criticisms, please leave me a note!

Happy Hiking!