November 2018

Hot Tent Stand – How to Erect a Hot Tent Without Staking it Into the Ground

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Last year I built my second hot tent.  This one specifically to take into the backcountry. The first, the tipi was made to do so as well but after a trip with my friend Ashley from Young Outdoors, I realized that was never going to happen, well, not solo at least. The tipi and stove weighed in at just over 100lbs without any gear!  Split between 2 people it was okay, but solo, was something [...]

January 2018

Hot Tent Backcountry Trial Run – How to Stake a Hot Tent When Camping on Rock

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A few weeks before the hot tent was done, I 'd made plans to take it out into the backcountry with my friend Sue, from Sue's Outdoor Crew.  She had spent the weekend before making a sled so she could carry her gear on it and some of the items needed for our weekend.  The day before our trip, we had some issues locating a good spot to camp as it's very difficult to find [...]

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