On Family Day, I was lucky enough to be in Algonquin Park, and it was a gorgeous weekend! It was warm and sunny, but the park was also still full of beautiful white snow! I had just shown my hot tent at the Winter in the Wild festival and enjoyed meeting so many awesome people, but not I was ready for some time with nature.  Thankfully, I was able to share that time with two amazing people I met through camping at Mew Lake last New Years, Jack and Paula. Well, we met through a note I left in the snow… but that’s another story.


Jack and Paula spend a huge amount of their lives enjoying the outdoors. When we arrived at the trail, they advised me this was the first trail they’d ever done together 41 years ago!! WHAT?

img_7916 img_7921

I was amazed.   Paula told me they take a photo at the sign ever time they do the trail, and todays visit was no different.

img_7924 img_7926

I got a shot of all of us upon arrival as well.  Then we headed off.

img_7928 img_7933

Peck Lake is one of my favorite trails in the summer months, but I have never done the trail in winter.

img_7937 img_7939

I was pretty excited to see how different it looked. Paula noted that the lake looked like egg cartons and she was right. To me, it looked like it was moving, but it couldn’t be… right?


It was impressive how well packed the trail was from all the visitors that had been here since the snow had started to fall.

img_7943 img_7944

If you stepped just off the trail, however, you were in for a good drop, maybe a few feet, so we walked carefully.


Saturday, we saw temperatures in the park rise to 10 degrees. This caused the snow to melt, but as the temperatures dropped again by the evening, everything froze, leaving a slick layer of ice on top of mostly everything.

img_7945 img_7946

You had to navigate carefully, but it was worth it for sure.

img_7949 img_7952

Paula, Jack and I had a great time together, sharing stories and talking about their first time here in May of 1976. Still amazed by this fact!!! WOW!

img_7953 img_7955

You really had to be in love to spend so much time in one place, and continue on with one person.  I felt privileged to be able to share in that bond.



As we walked along we spoke about Peck Lake and why it was named as such.

img_7980 img_7987

Paula advised me it was named after George Peck and gave me further details, followed by a big huge grin.

img_7988 img_7992

She was making it up, lol.

img_7994 img_7998

By the end of the trail I had devised that Peck Lake was named after Jack and Paula and the first time they visited the trail in May of 1976 where they shared a peck to celebrate completing their first Algonquin Trail.

img_7998 img_7999

I wonder if they knew then, that they would continue to walk this trail over and over and still enjoy it 41 years later as much as they had the very first time they were here? Maybe even more with me along .. right? HAHA!


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Happy Hiking!!

Camper Christina