In February, while attending the Outdoor Adventure Show, I met up with Ingo from KIHD Products. They make an amazing stick stove that I have heard nothing but good things about.  I spent some time talking to Ingo at the show and happily picked up one of their stoves to test out.  The stove I got was the KIHD Deluxe.

Since receiving my concussion on January 3rd, I have not been able to go camping.  My recovery has been quite slow but at this point, I have been able to do some day trips where I can go hiking for a few hours at a time.

In late March, I had spent the day exploring outside.  While I was out, I collected sticks for my lunch, then later I headed to a nice location beside the lake to unpack and set up the stove.

The stove is fairly easy to set up.  It comes in a tiny pouch and is very compact and fits nicely in my backpack.  I found a plank and set it up so it was level to use as my table/cooking surface and also a dry seat.

I made a video of me setting up the stove and using it,  which can be seen on my youtube channel.  It went together quickly.

The stove basically consists of a bottom plate and 4 sides, the front and back have a tab at the bottom where a locking bar goes through to keep it all securely together and then you just slide the door on the front and put a few bars on the top to put your grill or pot or pan on top of.

And then you’re all ready to add the sticks, which is what I did next.

Once the sticks were in, I grabbed one more that was very dry and put a lighter to it and set it on fire, then slowly put it inside the stove and lit some of the other sticks on fire and after a few minutes, they caught and I was good to go!

Then the fire caught really really well.

I got out my Grillem sausages I had brought with me to cook on the stove, along with a wee frying pan I had packed to cook them in and placed it on top of the stove.

In no time the sausages were sizzling and the fire remained hot.  I would remove the pan every so often and put in a few more sticks but I didn’t use nearly as many as I thought I would have to, which was a big bonus.

I sat and enjoyed the beautiful spring scenery while I waited for the sausages to cook.

In no time at all, they were ready to eat.  They smelled amazing.

I cut them up into bite sized pieces and put a drop of dijon mustard on each piece.  YUM!  Now they were ready to eat.   Even though the fire was burning out, there was still a huge amount of heat on the cooking surface and it kept my sausages warm while I ate them.

I enjoyed the view while enjoying my lunch and wondered how long I would have to stay here and wait for the stove to cool down before I could pack it up and head out.

While I ate the second half of my sausages, I dumped the remaining sticks/coals from the stove into a nearby firepit and doused them with water.  There was only a tiny pile and I didn’t think there was any danger of it starting a fire, but I prefer to be safe, than sorry.

By the time I’d finished eating, the stove was actually cool enough to handle and disassemble.

As I was taking it apart, I totally forgot these little pieces just held a roaring fire not long ago,  and would be dirty, but I noticed my hands weren’t nearly as dirty as I thought they would be…. see!!

By the time the stove was taken apart, it was also cool enough to put back into the plastic resealable bag it came in. I put the pieces back in just as easily as they had come out and then returned the plastic bag of parts into the pouch the stove came in.  Easy peasy!

I placed the stove back into my pack and off I went to continue on with my exploring.  What an awesome little creation this KIHD stick stove was. I am thoroughly impressed with it so far and can not wait to take it out on a trip and use it again.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and it has helped provide you with a bit more information on these cool little stoves.  For more on my experience with the stove and to see how easy the set up was, etc, please check out my youtube video on it. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, please leave a message.

Happy Stick Stove Cooking!

Camper Christina