Since I still have a bit of time to wait to go to Burnaby, BC and I love the @TCTrail, I figured Burnaby Street in Wainfleet would be a good place to start a section of the TC Trail for my bike ride today.

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I was very happy upon arrival to the trail. It was really easy to find it and I didn’t get lost en route! YAY!  The trail is a bit more rural here than the last section I did and that also cheered me.  The last two sections of the trail I’ve done have been paved and very wide, almost like a road. This is great for people who have special needs or just want an easy stroll, or for me when I’m pooped from four days of camping, but this section of the trail I was on today, was more foresty, more narrow than the others and not paved but gravel mixed with vegetation.  It felt much more woodsy and northernly!

tctrail july 12 2015IMG_6834IMG_6806

For quite a ways there is creek on one side of the trail, and even on both sides at a few spots.  Due to this, the bugs were quite active and very feisty.  Whenever I stopped to take a photo, I became a human pin cushion for the mosquitos. Solution, don’t stop!  As i  was on my bike today, as long as I kept moving, the bugs were not an issue.


I ended up riding up to Burkett Road 30, which was about a 6km ride one way. Not super far, but I did paddle in my kayak for about 3 hours this morning, so far enough for me today.  Along the way I saw some beautiful sights, usual on the Trans Canada Trail. A large amount of wild flowers that makes me wish my photos were scratch and sniffs so you could also smell how amazingly aromatic most of this section of  trail was.  I also saw 5 bunnies, a few of them just sitting on the trail waiting for me to arrive and then hop off, the others ran across the trail and disappeared into the thick forests on either side of the trail before I could get near them. They were very skittish and didn’t seem to like people much.  I love this photo of the bunny even though it’s super zoomed and a bit blurry because I keep imagining it as chocolate! lol. Yum! I would take a photo, walk a bit, take a photo, try and get closer. Then, I realized my bike on the gravel was making quite a bit of noise, so I decided to abandon it, as soon as I put the kickstand down, CLINK!!!! BUNNY BYE BYE!!! lol.  Oh well!

IMG_6845IMG_6833 IMG_6822

I really enjoyed the section of the trail I did today. I got some great photos, the trail was very picturesque, incredibly peaceful, aromatic and  I felt like I was the only person on it, the whole 3 hours I spent there today!  If you are looking for a lovely serene place that’s a bit more rural,  to go for a ride or a walk, this section of the TCT  is definitely for you!


Happy to report this section of the Trail, I only collected a beer can and a timmys cup to add to #cleanupourparks. Good job Wainfleeters!

trash on the Tc Trail, not much here though! yay!

trash on the Tc Trail, not much here though! yay!


I hope you enjoyed my post. I welcome all comments, criticisms and questions!

Happy Biking!

Camper Christina