After many hikes in the forest, paddles on lakes, rivers, streams, creeks,  and even just walking our city streets, I am realizing what a huge issue trash is becoming!  Yesterday my friend and I hiked Rockway Conservation Area in Pelham, ON and came across so much trash that I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing!

Our parks are where we play with nature and borrow the space to obtain serenity and peace for ourselves.  They are not garbage dumps, places to accidentally leave your Timmy’s cups, or places we leave our snack wrappers for animals to explore, eat and get sick from.  Our parks, trails, campgrounds, waterways,  city streets, … WORLD is a place we need to cherish and take care of, a place WE have to do something about in order to keep it beautiful.

Today I have challenged all explorers, all outdoors people, ALL HUMANS to help #CleanUpOurParks

Whenever you are out and about and see trash, pick it up and pack it out, take a picture of you doing so and tweet it, instagram it, Facebook it, whatever you like and use the hashtag #CleanUpOurParks . You will be rewarded with great appreciation and the knowledge that you made a difference in our world!!!!

I really hope you will join me in helping to keep our parks, playgrounds, serene spots, OuR WORLD clean!!!

Happy Hiking!

Camper Christina

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