It was a gorgeous day out and even though I’d hiked 10 hours the day before,  I couldn’t resist getting outside to do a few more trails today! I headed to Gibson Street in Grimsby to park my car and start my amazing adventure!

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This was my last weekend before my knee surgery to hike and I was taking total advantage and spending as much time doing what I loved while I was able to!


The trail started off in between two houses which I thought was kind of neat.  Then it went straight for a ways and to the left you could see Forty Mile Creek. What a great backyard for those houses at the start of the trail!  Super Jealous!

IMG_4142 IMG_4141 IMG_4139

I saw the Bruce Trail  ‘follow the blazes’ sign.  Only a month ago, I had seen my first one like this and I loved it.  I have been hiking for decades but have not done a huge amount of Bruce Trails and had never seen this sign before.  It explains what the blazes mean, to me, basically teaching me how to read trail, and it totally changed hiking for me. Now, I want to make sure that everyone else knows as well, so I am sharing it again and again!


I came to a sign advising that the trail was being rerouted due to some landslip, but as I’d never been here before, I couldn’t see a difference.  lol!!  The trail was marked incredibly well as I’ve noticed all Bruce Trails that I’ve done so far to be. There is nothing worse than being on a trail and not knowing which way to go??  Depending on the hike you are on, that could potentially put people in danger.  Danger is not fun, clearly marked trails = fun. 🙂


Always time to stop and hug a tree! 🙂


Next, I headed up for a bit ,the trail here was somewhat challenging. There was lots of stepping around and over  roots, rocks and boulders and I greatly enjoyed it.  I stopped to take a side trail to view the creek, then continued up some more!


The fall colours were so pretty and it was so warm out.  I couldn’t have been happier.


I was really enjoying the make up of the trail floor, but you had to keep your eyes down and watch where you were walking. The leaves covered up all types of things and I was really missing my hiking boots here. I was doing okay in my sneakers, but just would’ve felt sturdier in my hiking boots,  especially with my weak knee.


Yesterday, during my 10 hour hiking adventure day, I had an issue with my hiking boots.  I’m still not sure if it was caused by the boots or a previous bruise on my ankle as I haven’t been able to hike since then.  I hope it was just a fluke as I love my hiking boots dearly! ♥


The trail flattens out here briefly, but if you look closely, there is still quite a bit of small obstacles to step carefully through, mostly rocks and roots.



I would’ve hated all the stairs, but they were so pretty, I couldn’t even dislike them!  Someone has put a great amount of care and love into this trail, and it really shows!  It makes me so happy to see things like this when I am out in nature.  I smiled all the way up…..and up… and… up!!!


More great trail markers!!!  Also awesome to see!

I stopped for a moment to take a look at the beautiful trees all around me. I had been so focused on the ground, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


I saw a good selfie tree and took a few fun photos!  As I hike alone quite a bit I do my best to find creative ways to take photos of myself in action! lol.


The trail was levelling out and I could hear the falls in the distance!


Ahead of me the trail opened up and I saw a road with what looked like a bridge to the left. Looks like I’d made it to Beamer Falls! 🙂


I walked to the road and turned left towards the bridge and the view I was looking forward to! It was pretty fantastic and definitely worth all those stairs I had to go up!

IMG_4215 IMG_4217 IMG_4221

The area surrounding the falls I found especially colourful and vibrant!  Crab apple trees with bright orange fruit, fire bushes dark red and purple, small wildflowers, it was quite the feast for my eyes!


IMG_4210 IMG_4204 IMG_4205IMG_4224IMG_4240


I headed back into the forest and onto the trail to make my way back the way I came.

IMG_4243 IMG_4244 IMG_4245IMG_4248

Going down the stairs was definitely much easier and I was able to enjoy the view a bit more.


I loved this section of forest I saw from the stairs. It was almost untouched by fall, which made me laugh because  everywhere else along the trail had a huge amount of colour!!! I could almost stare in this one area and imagine it was still summer, it certainly was warm enough!


On my return I took a small side trail to the creek that I’d taken earlier. I thought it’d be a good place to stop for a snack and enjoy the sound of the water and beauty surrounding it. I also took some photos and videos there, obviously!  I honestly think I’m addicted to taking pictures, haha, you probably do too at this point!



Here is another timed selfie helper! This is what I used to take the next pic. :)

Here is another timed selfie helper! This is what I used to take the pic above this one. 🙂

IMG_4272 IMG_4270

My hike today was almost completed and I was truly disappointed it was just about over.  I was, however, very anxious about my next hike today at Mountainview Conservation Area . From the research, the trail didn’t look that interesting, but now I know, I was very wrong about that! (check it out for yourself here!)

IMG_4277 IMG_4280

IMG_4288 IMG_4293

I really enjoyed this trail!  It was a great workout and there is such a large variety of trees and vegetation it makes it perfect for fall!  The trail itself is made up of so many elements, one of my favourites being the stairs that someone lovingly invested lots of time and care in to. (Thanks to whomever you are! I hope you see this one day! You are very special wonderful people and you’re awesome! )  I hope you can get out sometime and enjoy this trail, but if not, I’m glad I could take you for a virtual hike here today on my blog!

Thanks so much for reading my post!  I hope you will share it with others and follow my blog so you can get updates when new posts are published and stay connected to nature! It relieves stress, you know!! 😉  I don’t want you to be stressed! 🙂

If you have any questions, issues, comments, etc, please send me a message.  I love hearing from people and sharing experiences!

Happy Hiking!


The Bruce Trail is a great organization and is Canada’s oldest and longest footpath.  Check out their website to find out how you can contribute to that greatness!

Ontario Trails is a charity that promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario.  For more information on how you can help, click the link.

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