After publishing my post on the Marmot Connect Gloves and finding the ones I had too large for me and not as effective as I’d like them, I spoke to my favourite outdoors store contact, Jamie at Outdoors Oriented.  He advised that the gloves did indeed look too big for me and he wanted to resolve the issue for me.  Hence, why I love this place so much!

I went in on Thursday after work and Jamie showed me a few options of texting gloves that he thought might better suit me.  After spending what felt like hours there, I finally decided on the Outdoor Research PL 150 Sensor Gloves . They fit the best and seemed to work the best with my iPhone thus far.


At Jamies suggestion, I went home and wore the gloves in my house for a few hours, using my iphone as I would normally do to text, post on twitterinstagram , Facebook, edit photos, set alarms in my calendar, write notes, etc, etc.  They worked awesome!!! I could actually text with them on and type using the tiny character keys on the screen without issue.  I was AMAZED!!!!


After I was fairly certain they would work and I would keep them, I took them out on a paddle the following Sunday.  The weather was decent, a bit overcast with the temperature of 7, feels like 3.  I found it about the same coldness as I’d had on the water the last 2 sundays.

IMG_1867 IMG_1882

The gloves were quite similar to the Marmot gloves I’d tried the previous Sunday but they were much smaller and tighter.  They felt great to paddle in.


They had silicone grips on the palms with a conductive sensor in the first finger and thumbs of each hand.

IMG_1860 IMG_1861

As you can see there is no overlap at the end of my fingers, no space or bend and they fit how they are supposed to, which is what I believe is the main reason they work so well with my iphone.  I also found them fairly warm when I’d started paddling, but like the Marmots, after a few hours my hands started to get slightly chilly.  These are actually classed as liners and for that purpose, they were perfect!  I was such a happy camper!!!! 🙂

IMG_1985 IMG_2034

After I paddled for about an hour or so, my hands started to get a bit cold so I put my new Kombi Mitts on overtop of the Outdoor Research Gloves.  And I have to say it, they fit like a glove! lol.

IMG_1986 IMG_2008

I had no issues holding my paddle with them and they were super warm and cozy.  These gloves had some cool features like a hand warmer pocket and I will be doing a post just on them after my winter camping trip this weekend!!!  Stay tuned for that as I put these mitts to the test!

If you are looking for a texting glove that you can actually text in and that will keep your hands from freezing while doing so, the Outdoor Research PL150’s are the glove for you!  Just make sure you get a pair that fits your hands perfectly and test them out before you take them out to make sure they are exactly what you want.

Thanks so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you somehow.  If you have any questions, issues or just want to say hi, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to!

Happy Paddling!

Camper Christina