On Sunday August 30th, my friends and I headed to Lookout Trail in Algonquin Park! Camper Christina signed into the guest book, along with my hiking partners and off we went.


We went up and up and up and up. A very steady climb, pretty much all the way!

IMG_9621 IMG_9623 IMG_9625

And up some more!

IMG_9626IMG_9627 IMG_9630

And then, we were rewarded with a wonderful view of Algonquin Park!


IMG_9639 IMG_9644 IMG_9646IMG_9648

And then we started our decent back down again.

IMG_9654 IMG_9660 IMG_9659 IMG_9657 IMG_9655IMG_9657IMG_9659IMG_9663

The booklet had a neat story about the rock pictured above and how it was once, just a small pebble. It was disgorged from the glacier when it melted back 11000 years ago!  You walk by it on the way up and it doesn’t seem as large, but from the other side, it is so massive!


The return trip down the trail and back out wasn’t nearly as long as the way up… funny thing, when you’re walking up a steep hill, it takes a lot longer, especially when you have to stop and catch your breath!

We made our way back to the car, and got ready to head to our next trail, Big Pines! I was very excited for it, as I don’t believe I’ve ever done the trail.  Stay tuned for the blog post on it coming soon!

Thanks so much for reading my blog, or maybe I should say checking out the pictures in this case? 🙂  I hope you enjoyed it regardless and it inspires you to get out into nature and do a little hiking!  If you have any questions, issues, comments, etc, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

Happy Hiking!

Camper Christina