A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with my favorite friends in the Kawarthas at their property.  I met Karen online through posts following the journey of the Woods Explorers and we had both applied for the dream job the advertised.  We hit it off and always said we would get together and last year, we finally did just that.  I was invited back again this year, and so happy about it. We had a great time!


Sunday morning we had a delicious breakfast made by my friend Cheffrey and then we packed up.  My friends were heading back to Toronto, but I wanted to explore a bit of Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park as I’d been wanting to go there forever and it was only about a 30 minute drive from where I was.  We said our goodbyes and I headed on my way and arrived at the Long Lake access point, shortly after.


I picked this lake as it was close to where I already was, but also due to the size of the lake, that there were several short portages I could do to check out other lakes, and,  based on some photos I had seen of the area.  There were quite a few people coming in from trips, but I was happily going out!  I just wish I was actually heading out on an overnight trip!  Guess you can’t have it all.

img_6913 img_6914

The landscape here reminded me a lot of Bon Echo and in some places, even Georgian Bay. There were lots of rocks all around and they had that beautiful colour to them.

img_6921 img_6930

I continued on through Long Lake, it was a gorgeous sunny day, a bit too windy, but I’d survive that, and I was totally content out on my paddle in the Kawarthas.

img_6931 img_6938

After paddling a ways, I came up to the first portage. The portage went to Buzzard Lake and was 340m.  I had actually planned all along to go to this lake and check it out today.

img_6941 img_6910

When I stopped to look at the map upon arriving there, I noticed another lake called Secret Lake that looked a lot more like a place I’d like to visit.  So I relaunched my boat and continued on paddling Long Lake.

img_6947 img_6948

It was very peaceful and serene here and except for passing the odd paddler here and there on their way out of the park, I was pretty much alone.

img_6951 img_6953

I went through a small channel that took me to Loucks Lake and then I went right and just a short paddle away was the portage into Secret Lake.


After my 3 portages on my last trip in Algonquin  I was up for portaging today, especially since I had no gear except my backpack and the portages were really short.


This portage was only 84m and was pretty sweet.  When I got to the other end I was very happy with what I found. A beautiful quiet magical place.

img_6964 img_6965

I loved paddling in areas like this and enjoyed every second I was there.

img_6978 img_6980

I followed the water trail and it took me to the 2nd portage to get into Secret Lake.

img_6990 img_6991

It was about 30 feet or so over a rock from one body of water to the other and super simple.


When I got into Secret Lake I saw what a small body of water it was. It was small but it was really pretty and I could see why someone would want to stay here.

img_6996 img_6998

Secret Lake had one site on it which was pretty sweet. I parked my kayak and went to check it out and use the privy.


After my site visit I got back into my kayak and headed back the way I’d come.

img_7010 img_7015

I still had a long drive back to Muskoka and after hitting a deer a few weeks ago, driving in the dark was something I was avoiding.


I took one more shot of beautiful Secret Lake and then made my way back through Long Lake to the parking lot and eventually made my way back to Muskoka.

I really enjoyed my afternoon at Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park and I am definitely going to come back to do some camping… I just have to find an open site and a free weekend. Easy Peasy! LOL

Thanks for coming along with me on my paddle. I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, please do so.

Stay tuned for some beautiful fall colors posts coming to my blog next!

Happy Paddling!

Camper Christina