Things at have been going great!  So much so, I decided to ask my good friend Stacey Fox to help me design my logo!

cropped-ccsquare2greenblog12.jpg CCsquare2_White

The logo is comprised of my favourite things and symbols for them.  The tent, obviously represents camping, the campfire within, the social aspect of camping, people gathering around the fire and also included the food element, the log font for the word ‘camper’ because I love trees and the wave between ‘camper’ and ‘christina’ to represent my love of water and paddling.


I will be sporting my new logoed apparel at this years Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto!  So please find me and say hello!


image image

Looking forward to meeting lots of incredibly amazing outdoors people at the show and everyday on social media!

Thanks so much for all your support!

Happy Camping!

CamperChristina! 🙂