I had intended to camp this weekend, but on Saturday morning, kayak on my car, camping gear packed and fully ready to go, I woke up feeling horrible.  I had a sinus infection by the familiar feeling of it and felt nauseous and headachy.  Going on a solo camping trip feeling like this, for me, wasn’t a smart move and I knew I had to stay home.


I spent the whole day resting and making myself better and when I woke up on Sunday, I felt good enough to spend the day paddling. It was a gorgeous Sunday in November, and I would deeply regret missing the time on the water in a few weeks when the snow was here.  The only problem was, I had no idea where to go?

img_0743 img_0744

I got up around 6:30 (the clocks had just gone back and it would’ve been 7:30 otherwise).  I turned on my computer and started searching places to go.

img_0722 img_0733

Suddenly, I had a flashback. My very first trip to Algonquin had been a memorable one. I have yet to write a post on it but it will definitely be written one day soon!


img_0758 img_0759

I did a loop in 2001 including Lake of Two Rivers to Pog and Whitefish, but in reverse.  It was a very long time ago, 15 years actually, but I still remember so many of the wonderful areas I explored that trip.

img_0772 img_0806

So that is where I settled on going.  I grabbed my backpack and jumped in the car and off I went.

img_0812 img_0814

It took me about an hour and forty minutes to get to East Beach, one of my favorite places in Algonquin Park.  I had come here so many times over the last few years to swim and enjoy the area.

img_0820 img_0823

We would sit on the beach and watch the paddlers pass by us and enter the small waterway beyond sight.

img_0829 img_0834

I desperately wanted to paddle myself beyond that corner once again and see what I would remember.

img_0840 img_0849

And today, I finally got to do that.

img_0851 img_0864

The sky was so blue and the water was so calm.

img_0881 img_0885

img_0911 img_0912

And I was in absolute heaven here.

img_0919 img_0924


I have no idea why I had not thought of coming here sooner?

img_0939 img_0943

img_0945 img_0949

I saw no one the entire day, except for 2 people when I arrived at the damn.  I took Tangii over the short portage and stopped to take a few photos and get a quick video.

Then I got back into my kayak and continued on my journey.


img_0974 img_0983

Every corner I went around, every new area I arrived in, was more stunning than the last.

img_0987 img_1002

And even though the sun, came and went, it didn’t matter in the least, sometimes it made it even prettier.

img_1019 img_1021

About an hour into my journey, mind you, I was barely paddling as I couldn’t stop taking photos, I came across a beautiful heron.

img_1028 img_1031

We played hide and seek for most of my paddle to Whitefish Lake and he was a source of great amusement. He even let me get a heron selfie with him. LOL… or her?  Not sure how you tell that?


I would paddle a ways, and then see it.  I would get close enough to take a photo, try and get closer, and it would take off and land a bit futher up the waterway. It would sit and wait for me to come along and find it again.


I loved this pose he did for me, but sadly, I had been paddling a bit fast before I came upon him and had a hard time getting a good shot before he took off on me again.

img_1062 img_1066

I came up to the entry into Whitefish Lake and the area where I was in, looked like somewhere I would see a moose.  I investigated the land and found a huge pile of poop and some tracks.

img_1072 img_1073

Sadly, Mr. Moose was not waiting for me, but just a bit further along, at the beaver dam, the heron was.

img_1076 img_1078

I believe it was snacking on some fish?  I did my best to get some good photos but sometimes a zoom lens would really help me out.  I got quite close this time and then

Off he flew again!

img_1092 img_1102


I did not see him again after that but I continued looking for him while I explored Whitefish Lake for the second time in my life.

I paddled out to the middle of the area of the lake I was in and took the video above.  There is nothing like paddling in November.  If it was a few months earlier, this lake would be full of campers, paddlers, explorers and it wouldn’t look anywhere near the same.

img_1115 img_1117

But because I was here at this time of year, I literally had the place all to myself and I was ecstatic about this fact and was loving every second of the tranquility it gave me.


I docked my kayak at the end of Whitefish Lake to get out and stretch my legs, have a snack and do a bit of fishing.


I came across some tracks that I thought were moose and also various birds and other small creatures, but couldn’t get many good photographs of them.

img_1119 img_1121

My fishing attempt came up without a nibble, although to be fair, I only cast a few times, then got stuck on a log on the bottom of the lake.  Ready to head back the way I came, I jumped back in my kayak to get the fishing lure unstuck by paddling over the log, and then started my way back down to LOTR again.

img_1127 img_1132


On my way through earlier, I had heard rushing water but didn’t really investigate where it was coming from.  This was due to me seeing a beaver nearby and trying to follow it and get some video of it, which didn’t really work out, but in my pursuit, I missed these cute little waterfalls.

After I took a bunch of photos including a cool shadow pic… hahaha, well, I thought it was cool?


I continued slowly back to where I’d come from, not enjoying the views any less and actually seeing different things as the sun was highlighting different areas than it did when I came through earlier.

img_1159 img_1163

img_1176 img_1181

If it was possible, the water seemed even calmer on my return.

img_1193 img_1195

img_1197 img_1204

I stopped at a few campsites at Pog Campground to check them out and noted their site numbers for future reference.  Always good to have a few perfectly fabulous sites to be able to book for a relaxing car camping trip, although I can imagine how different this area would be in the peak of summer.

img_1213 img_1215

Eventually, I returned back to East Beach, sad that my time here had ended once again.

img_1216 img_1221

I docked my boat and unpacked my gear and put my kayak back on my car to take it home. But, as I still had a few hours of daylight left, I decided to take on another adventure before leaving the park.


Hope you come back next week to check it out and enjoy some more time in nature with me.

Thanks so much for coming along on this adventure with me. I hope you received a bit of the tranquility I attempted to share with you on my peaceful paddle here.  If you have any comments, questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment.

Happy Paddling!

Camper Christina