It was a gorgeous Easter weekend with warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday I managed to get out with a few friends in Niagara for a hike in Niagara, but by Monday, with my return to Muskoka, it was back to below zero and not so lovely or springlike.  I had decided to stay in, relax, get caught up on things until the Fedex truck pulled up with my brand new drysuit from Kokatat.

Once I tried on that electric blue drysuit and made a little video about it.….I felt the PULLLL…..

Suddenly, the grey cold day wasn’t quite as grey and before I knew it I had put my roof rack back on my car and gathered all my essentials.

They had been tucked away after my last paddle in early December and were in various places.  I packed a bunch of things in my backpack, which is always prepacked, but as I just went on a hike in snow 2 weeks ago, it was still packed for hiking and winter, not spring and paddling.

The portage from the parking lot to the lake was very muddy and lake-like all on it’s own. Glad I had my rubber boots on for sure! Once I got to the water, nothing else really mattered anymore.

I was so happy to be out and ready to paddle.

And shortly after I put in, the sun even peeked itself out to say hello! Hello sun!!!  Thanks for coming by!

I took my time, as I usually do, exploring all the lovely nooks and crannies of the lake, looking for any wildlife and checking out the new plants popping up for spring!

I hadn’t quite decided if I was going to take the portage over to the other part of the lake, but once I got there, I couldn’t resist.

I took a few pictures of the water rushing over the falls.  It was very loud and looked quite wild!

Once, I was on the other side, I was happy I had made the decision to do the portage to the next part of the lake.  The waterway from the falls to the bigger part of the lake was my favourite spot and where I caught a fish over Thanksgiving weekend.

And the bay that was to the right of that waterway, was one of my favourite spots.

It was so calm, the wind was non existent here and the mirror showed itself a few times, as did the sunshine.  It was so beautiful here.

I ventured out into the bigger part of the lake from there, but it was so windy and cold, I decided to head back.  I did see two loons though and I was totally elated about that!!  WELCOME BACK LOONIES!!! YOU WERE MISSED.

Unfortunately, they were too far away to get a photo. I did attempt to paddle towards them but they ducked under the water and I gave up quickly.  I would see them again very soon, I’m sure.

I headed back to the falls and the portage back into the smaller part of the lake.  I took a few videos of me portaging my kayak as Delta had asked me for a few last year and it seemed like the perfect time to make them as I got to put the kayak down quite a few times in order to do so, and by that time, it was needed.

Although it wasn’t a long paddle, it was still incredibly satisfying to be out on the water again.  My drysuit is very comfortable, but as I haven’t broken it in yet, the gaskets on my wrists were a bit tight still and were causing my hands to go numb. I would have to stretch them out a wee bit before my next time wearing it, but otherwise, I was very surprised at how easy it was to paddle in it and how comfortable it was. It didn’t restrict my movements in any way.

Sadly, it was time to go, but I would be back on the water again in less than a week, so for now, I would let my shoulders recover from paddle #1 and yes, they were already sore.  If that wasn’t pathetic enough, the blister on my thumb certainly took the prize!  Welcome back paddling season!  I can not wait to enjoy more of you!

To check out the video made for this adventure, please visit my YouTube Channel.

I hope you enjoyed my post and paddling with me at McCrae Lake.  If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, please leave a comment! Please remember that the water right now is still very very cold and if you are heading out to paddle at this time of year, please take every precaution possible to ensure your safety.  Safety should always come first!

Happy Paddling!

Camper Christina