In 2018, I began receiving a lot of requests to have logoed shirts available for people to purchase. I spent a lot of time doing research on where the best place to do this was and who to use.  I started to get very frustrated because the main companies that were available to do this for me, only printed cotton t shirts and sweatshirts and these were not really items I would every wear into the backcountry. I mean, I wear cotton, but when you are canoe tripping and out padding, hiking, etc, you are generally sweating and cotton is not the best material to wear when being active like that.  I wanted to use performance wear, dry wicking garments that myself and other people could not only enjoy to look at, but also could actually wear while being active.  After many suggestions from people on social media, I finally got a really great option and spent hours and hours discussing what I wanted to do, and how, and with what type of garments.  She was on board for all of it and agreed to work with me and so my relationship with Cathy from CMB Vinyl began.  There are over 17 different styles of garments to order, MOST are dry wicking and garments that are favorable to wear while being active. There is an option to get 1 of 6 different sayings on the front or back of each garment and on the opposite site either the Camper Christina logo, or just the Camper logo in case you don’t want to walk around with the name Christina on your shirt.  One logo and one saying is included in the purchase price. If you click on any of the pictures below, it should take you to that product on CMB’s website. Just don’t forget to make sure you add the saying and logo for each garment, pick the color and size.  If you need any help, email Cathy. Her info is listed on the website.  She is super friendly and happy to help.  A bit about Cathy and CMB is below.

About CMB Vinyl Design Shop

A few years ago I made my first set of shirts for a family vacation. It was addictive. I learned the programs. Found wholesalers in Canada. Made loads of mistakes and eventually started understanding the properties of different fabrics. I soon knew what was going to hold the vinyl and what would shrink. I purchased a professional heat press and started opening accounts at warehouses. My husband started to question my motives (as I had a full time job) but supported and learned all the graphic design programs along my side. And then it just happened. A Facebook page. An Instagram account. A Website. And now Direct Point of Sale. I am so excited to be able to offer this website as a place for you to sell your brand or to run your t-shirt fundraiser. So now it’s time to get to work. At CMB I wear my heart on my sleeve. What do you want to wear on yours?


(Neck tubes, neck gaitors, buffs, headbands, whatever you want to call them, these are a necessity for any outdoors person)

Options are multicolored, green or beige (especially made for bug season)


Each garment is a quality product, most are moisture wicking, UV protected and antimicrobial. Check each garment description for more details.

Each garment can have a logo on either side and a saying on the opposite site. Please specify which goes where to avoid any issues.


The logos:


The Sayings:


White or Red imprint


Some of the garments, printed:

Like a style shown? Just click on it and it will take you to that style on the website!

Here are a few childrens options that can be created by request.

Just send an email to Cathy if there’s something on the site you can’t find.

Some awesome people who have purchased

Love The Backcountry clothing: