I have been camping most of my life and have always enjoyed immensely!  When I car camp, I princess glamp, and I like to make things as comfortable as possible. I’ve always had to be really good at it, so I could convince other people to come out and do it with me,as its not something I would’ve ever done alone!  Over the years, I have car camped with many people, most of whom I’ve coerced to join me and a few who deeply love it as much as myself.  I love introducing people to camping with it and watching them learn to love nature and relish being out there as much as I do.  Car Camping  is one of my greatest passions and I enjoy it almost as much as backcountry camping.

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My 70 year old mom who I coerce into coming along on my adventures with me!

My 70 year old mom who I coerce into coming along on my adventures with me!

I started backcountry camping in 2002 and fell in love with the solitude and peacefulness of it all. Being in nature with just nature is definitely my kind of thing.  Sometimes your closest human neighbour there, is a long way’s away and that to me, is true serenity! There is a peacefulness that you can’t explain, a feeling you get, the sound of the wind, the water, the feel of the air, the wildlife nearby, it just feels to me, the way life is supposed to be.  When I am there it makes my insides smile and I feel like I am home. 🙂 
I own a 12′ perception kayak and it is the love of my life!  I paddle as much as I can and have started to take it on backcountry trips with me.  Now I get to use one passion to do another, which makes camping even better!
Some of my other most favorite hobbies include but are not limited to… (lol)…  biking, canoeing, swimming,  climbing stuff, snorkelling,  building stuff, competing,  playing beach 2’s volleyball,(out with an injury this year),  and anything active!  I love to do things and have a hard time doing nothing, so I just keep moving and following my passions wherever they may lead, which is usually outside in nature and near water! I also have a feel for taking pictures, and I love to write, so now I am here, writing, and once again trying to convince people they should go camping with me! hahaha!  Feels familiar, but really good!
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I have always kept journals and photo albums of my trips, but have not officially had a blog, until now!  I thought it was time to start and you only live once so might as well get right to it!   So, here I am, ready to post my adventures in hopes that it will inspire others, entertain and bring some form of enjoyment or purpose to the people who choose to read them! 
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I hope you enjoy what you’ve  read so far! Please leave me a comment and let me know if so, or ask any questions you might have. I have been to quite a few provincial parks within a 5 hours drive of Niagara so I may have a super site written down somewhere you might want to know about, or have some tricks up my sleeve for some special situations. And in kind, if you have any super sites you want to share with me, I would love to know about them!
Here are a few of my favourite pics that I’ve taken on some of my adventures, hopefully, to entice you further to check out my posts, if not for my incredible writing skills for my pretty pictures! 🙂
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Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again very soon!