10 thoughts on “How to Make a Hot Tent Camper Christina Style – Part 3 – The Final Details!

  1. Hi Christina, wow this was a very technical and intricate project! Your design savvy is so thorough (like, the high heat gasket maker!) You are obviously very well researched, and every detail is factored in! Your tent is really impressive, and it even has your logo!! I am doing a standing ovation to your ingenuity and skill!

    1. AWE Colette! you are the best! Thank you so very much for your continued support and wonderful comments. They make my day! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. 🙂 Happy Holidays my friend!

  2. I’ll take one please!……………Thanks for making such great details. Love it. Will help many peeps if they are in for making their own…. Great job!

  3. Good article Christina; very detailed and with some suspense – entertaining. One could duplicate the process & make their own with all the detail you provide. Your a good writer – bet your working on a book – “Camper Christina in the Wilds” – ha, ha!

    1. LOL Thanks Jim. I’m actually not. I’m a camper, not a book writer. hahahaha. Thanks so much for the great compliments. I really appreciate your continued support! Glad you enjoyed the posts! Will you be making a tent now?

  4. No tent making for me. I love my MEC Tarn3 tent and my Eureka NoBugZone shelter. They work great. I don’t winter camp but admire those that do, so like following folks like you. Also have a MEC Quail-plus for backpacking. Have a super Christmas time. Jim

  5. How do you pound stakes into frozen ground? What to you use? I have a SnowTrekker tent. It’s self-supporting and doesn’t need stakes. I wouldn’t mind making a smaller tent like this, but wonder how to get it set up in frozen ground. I camp in the BWCAW, lots of Canadian Shield granite where there isn’t a lot of dirt, even in the summer!

    1. Well in the next post you will see the answer to the rock question. The frozen ground, so far I have just used a hammer. I have some stakes from Home Hardware that I got. I believe they are steel, about 8″ and they have a v shape to them going downwards. I can’t post a picture here, sorry. They have worked well so far but are now pretty mutilated. They go in decently but don’t come back out straight as they went in and are difficult to repair or reuse. They also feel sharp on my hands, possibly why they work well. I also have different sizes of nails ranging from 8″ -12″. Haven’t used them thus far, but might this weekend. When I made the tent, I honestly never thought about staking it down being an issue. SURPRISE! HAHAHAHA.

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