August 2016

Moon River – kayaking & cleanup

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I have been camping almost every weekend since I moved up to Muskoka. It's been amazing but on this weekend I'd decided to take a break and head home to see my family.  That left the Sunday open for a day trip though and I had been hearing about this place called Moon River since I'd arrived, so I figured it was time to check it out! I put my boat up on my truck [...]

Kioshkokwi Lake – Algonquin Park aka Kiosk

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I had not camped in Algonquin Park since February when it was minus 42.  It was time to change that.  My roommate Molly had been asking me to take her on a backcountry trip with me since we'd met, and this is the weekend we decided on.  As Molly has never backcountry camped previously, I didn't want to do anything too difficult, plus we only had 2 days and one night to spend somewhere. After [...]

Getting Lost at 3am…at The Massasauga PP

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Have you ever gotten lost in the forest in the middle of the night? On a recent trip in the backcountry, it happened to me! I have been debating for a few weeks now if I would actually publish this post. In the end, you can see who won the battle because here I am telling the story to you. Yes, it is embarassing , but, even so, I am hoping that people will see [...]

Galeairy Lake, Algonquin – My Favorite Campsite in Ontario — Parks Blogger Ontario… By Camper Christina :)

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When I was asked to do a short post on my favorite campsite by Parks Blogger, I was a bit stumped. I mean, I have been camping for a very very long time and have had the great fortune of staying on some pretty incredible sites during that time. I have honestly gone back and… via Galeairy Lake, Algonquin – My Favorite Campsite in Ontario — Parks Blogger Ontario

Navigating to Snake Island – Paddling Beyond Handrailing!

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Before taking the Level 2 Sea Kayaking course with Ontario Sea Kayak Centre , I would've never attempted to camp out in the middle of Georgian Bay, on crown land, without being with someone who was experienced in doing so.  During my entire history of backcountry camping, I have used a method called handrailing and never knew how to use a compass.  I basically brought the map for the area I was in, and used landmarks, [...]

Meeting Melba & Adam The Real Woods Explorers!!!

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As many of you know, last spring I applied for Canada's Dream Job with Woods Canada.  The contest brought forward almost 4000 applicants and out of those people, I sadly was not chosen.  Melba Seto and Adam Kochanek were chosen and they were absolutely awesome! I followed along with the Woods Explorers every step of their journey and was so involved, Woods even sent me a set of Woods Explorer shirts for myself and my mom [...]