11 thoughts on “1 Year Ago today!- How CamperChristina.com has changed my life!

  1. So Christina, the blog has been & is one of the best that I follow. Did you design the blog yourself or have some help? I need some guidance with mine, which I abandoned & would like to revive and make relevant.
    Did you use a WordPress template & if so which one?
    One last question, if I am not imposing too much, do you use a camera as well as your phone?
    Keep up the blogging; your followers love it.

    1. Hey Jim! I am a wordpresser! I’m not sure how to find the theme? I clicked on it but nothing comes up. I am having issues here in muskoka today though with the internet? I use an iphone 6s for my pictures, previously a 5c and sometimes my fuji camera which is good for underwater (pics for my kayaking courses) but mostly always use the phone. The blog setup is really really easy. You just need to put the posts on the right pages to get the attention and also build up some good relationships with the people who you need to help you. I tweet and retweet lots of other peoples stuff and they retweet my stuff back. I can not tell you how much your support has meant to me over the year. You are a very kind wonderful person and I am very grateful for all your comments and support since I started this blog up last year. I can not say thank you enough! Get your blog up and running. It’s alot easier than you think it is. You have my full support! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe it’s been a year. It seems like a lifetime ago since we first interacted. You have come so far since and I have constantly been impressed and inspired by your will to grow.

    Like I’ve written in my blog before, “Inspiration is Cyclical,” and you have proven that mantra time and time again just by putting one foot in front of the other and challenging yourself to just make an effort.

    Look where it has brought you! Farther from that desk and closer to living life.

    Everyone always thinks we are born outdoorsy, we are born skilled and seasoned paddlers, climbers, hunters. This is not so. We are born as people that either say “yes,” or “no.”

    “Yes I will go outside today. ” or “No, I will not go outside today.”

    I often share your awesome transition with people I have met since “meeting” you. People that tell me “I wish I could be like you Melba! I could NEVER do that! ”

    I always happily retort with “well I met this girl Christina and she said the same thing as you! However she changed part of the wording. Instead she said ‘I wish I could be like you Melba, and I’m going to try!”

    Now look. You’re on your way from not even owning kayak to becoming probably a guide in a short time!

    Anything is possible if you say “yes.” That’s why you and I are friends and those people that tell me “never,” don’t really become my friends.

    So freaking proud of you. Thank you for showing people that strong women can get out there. Do things. Do things alone or with people. You’re a bad ass outdoors person now. Sweet.

    Love Melba


  3. Congratulations Christina! Also a huge thank you for sharing your experiences. You are hands down my favourite blog and your posts just keep getting better (and they have been incredible from the start). I have particularly enjoyed the recent ones where you summarize your trips in such a balanced and honest way that highlight some of the challenges of being outdoors but also showcase your experience, preparation and sound decision making. You are such an inspiration and I wish you nothing but success and joy with all your endeavours.

    1. WOW! thank you soo much Erin! I can ‘t tell you how much your words touch me and how much I appreciate them. 🙂 it is people like you that make what I do worth while. Happy camping! 🙂

  4. Congrats!!! A lot of people would have stayed in their “old” life and not made the leap – inspiring!!! Congrats on the blog’s success and your move! I can tell you are happy and ‘doing your thing’. You are brave – for taking the leap…….but oh the rewards!!! I’m happy for you!!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! Thanks for being such a great follower and for all your support and appreciation. It truly goes a long way and you have been there since the start. You’ll never guess who I’m spending this weekend with???? 🙂

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