July 2016

My New Rack!!! – Easy Peasy! My 100th POST!!!

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For the last few years since purchasing my kayak I have been playing the foam blocks game.  I put them on the car, then I put my boat on them, then I strap the boat down, reverse, repeat, reverse, repeat.  Except for three times now where I've forgotten to take the foam blocks off and they have ended up somewhere else, possibly with someone else. I have no clue why 2 foam blocks cost $40, [...]

Check out my friend Melba’s post on our crosswalk sign recreation in Ottawa. Sooo much fun! Best sign ever!

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I was nominated by Liberate Wings to post one travel photo a day for the next 10 days. Each day I will share a photo and challenge someone else to do the same. I also decided that though pictures say a thousand words… There’s always something more to the photo so enjoy each of the […] via Travel Photo Challenge Day 9/10. Ottawa, ON.  — Melba's Toast

Hardy Lake – The 8km loop

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I woke up to a gorgeous day Saturday and headed out to Mactier to do an address change on my drivers License.  When I got back to my place in Port Carling, I asked my roomates what they had planned for the day?  I had decided to do the bigger loop at Hardy Lake as I'd done the smaller one when I'd first arrived and loved it there.  Both Molly and Debra were in, so we [...]

My new kayak!!!! Welcome home Tangii !

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When I decided to move to Port Carling and sell my home, I also decided to reward myself at some point,  for how far I've come and for achieving some of the goals I have set for myself over the last year.  It started out as a go pro, or something similar, then progressed to a solo canoe.  I even went and tested one out! But after completing my level 2 sea kayaking course, I [...]

Check out this great post by my friend who just completed her Level 1 With Ontario Sea Kayak Centre! Congrats Lady! :)

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One thing that really helps to get my butt out of bed in the morning, is when I’ve already paid for it. Recently I bought a kayak and found that it wasn’t all that easy to learn simply from watching YouTube videos. Who knew? And since I’m used to paddling a canoe, let’s just say […] via Sea Kayaking — Go Outside

Phillip Edward Island backcountry kayak trip!-Level 2 with OSKC

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Last month when I took my level 1 Sea Kayaking Course, I had no intention of taking my level 2.  If you read my Level 1 post, you would've seen that I had an amazing time at that course!  The instructors were full of knowledge and tonnes of fun and I learned so much!  I gained confidence in my skills, refreshed some of them and learned quite a few more. And, I met some extraordinary [...]

Byng Inlet- Know when to get off the water!

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I woke up Sunday with no plans at all. Such an odd thing for me!   I have been striving to find some small rivers and creeks to paddle in since moving to Port Carling.  It's been a hard search as most of the lakes in my area are very big and full of motor boats and cottages.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I like to paddle on calm small waters, still [...]