September 2015


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I'm pretty excited about all the blog posts I have yet to write! I had so many adventures this summer and there just wasn't enough time to write about every single one of them. I can not wait to share them and hopefully get you excited about the places I've been and inspire you to get outside and adventure for yourself, and, share it with others! Nature is addictive you know! I've got lots of fall [...]

Bon Echo – owls, coyotes & whipping winds!

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I have been hearing about the great Bon Echo Provincial Park for many years now.  I had wanted to explore it and seeing as I had a free weekend in September and a willing and eager camping partner, the time to visit there had come! I did my best to research Bon Echo but other than the Ontario Parks Website and a few posts here and there, I couldn't find a whole lot.  I contacted Bon [...]

Bearvault BV500 Bear Resistant Food Canister – From MEC

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Fourteen years ago,  I completed my first backcountry trip in Algonquin Provincial Park.  It was awesome and I was immediately hooked!  Over the years, I have completed approximately 25 backcountry trips and have loved every single one of them.  I have gear to both backpack into the backcountry, or paddle in to sites, however, I much prefer the latter as it is a lot less work! I love the solace of the backcountry but do not [...]

My 1st solo trip- The MassasaugaPP – Afraid of the dark!

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It's funny the reactions you get from people when you tell them you are going on a solo backcountry trip! I'm not 100% sure if it's because I am female, or just because people don't really understand what spending time in nature does for your soul? From the very first time I went backcountry camping in 2001, I was hooked! On that trip I was in for 5 days and stayed on 4 different lakes. [...]


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Every year for four years now, I pick a weekend to spend at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park. This year was no different, what was different though, were the people I was going with. I was lucky enough to have two of my most favorite people on the planet accompanying me on this adventure and we were all excited and ready to get it underway! We headed out at 5am and had a wonderful, traffic-free journey. [...]

Booth’s Rock Trail – AMAZING TRAIL in Algonquin PP

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On Monday August 31st, my friends and I headed to Booths Rock Trail in Algonquin PP to check it out! The trail started off pretty good and just kept getting better and better! It was extremely woodsy, lots of roots to climb over and rocks to avoid and all three of us loved this trail the best out of all the ones we did in the park this visit! Up and up we go!!! Many [...]

Big Pines Trail – Algonquin Provincial Park

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On Sunday August 30th, my friends and I headed out to Big Pines Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park! I was pretty excited to hike this trail. I had never actually done it that I can recall and I love trees, especially pines, so I was really looking forward to it. I was definitely not disappointed and both myself and my friends who did the trail with me thoroughly enjoyed it so far! Upon arriving at [...]

Face to Face with a BEAR at Mew Lake Campground !! HOLY SH@%%T!!!

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I woke up around 6:15 and went for my morning walk to the facilities. The washrooms were 10 sites down, one of my poorer decisions I've made when picking a campsite, but otherwise, our site was incredibly awesome! I was practically sleepwalking, I was so tired and could not wait until I could walk the other way, and get back into bed! Eventually, that time came. I was walking down the camp road and was [...]

Lookout Trail – Algonquin PP – Great Hike and view for the effort!

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On Sunday August 30th, my friends and I headed to Lookout Trail in Algonquin Park! Camper Christina signed into the guest book, along with my hiking partners and off we went. We went up and up and up and up. A very steady climb, pretty much all the way! And up some more! And then, we were rewarded with a wonderful view of Algonquin Park! And then we started our decent back down again. The [...]

Trans Canada Trail …On the Grand in Brantford ON

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    On Saturday, September 5th, I had plans to visit friends in Woodstock for the evening.  Another great opportunity to explore a new section of the Trans Canada Trail!  I went on the website and checked the TCT Map.  I discovered a really nice section in Brantford, pretty much en route to my final destination, so I packed up my bike, lots of water, as it was going to be very hot today, and headed [...]

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