August 2015

Ragged Falls Via Kayak from Oxtongue Lake

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Every year I take my mom to the Parkway Cottages & Resort in Dwight, Ontario.  I went there in 2001 after my very first backcountry trip in Algonquin Park. Five days of roughing it, followed by 5 days of cottaging.  It was a great trip and since then I have been going back occasionally. One year, I decided to take my mom for her birthday and she has wanted to go there every year since. [...]

Peck Lake Trail – Algonquin Provincial Park!

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On Sunday August 23rd, 2015, my mom and I took a spin around Peck Lake Trail in Algonquin Park. We have done it many times and it is one of our favourite trails in the park.  It is very scenic and not too difficult for mom, who's about to turn 70 this year!  Last year when we were there we saw a humming bird, her first one ever and it was really exciting to see! [...]

The NEW Fire Tower Trail in Algonquin Park!

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Newly added to the long list of trails in Algonquin Park is the Fire Tower Trail!  On Tuesday August 25th, 2015, my mom and I visited the trail to check it out! The trail is located to the left of the Visitor Centres front doors. This new trail is small but mighty! Only 200 metres long round trip, but it is full of information about the history of fire towers in the park.  The trail [...]

Trans Canada Trail in Huntsville – Natural works of art everywhere!!

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On Saturday August 22, 2015, my mom and I, en route to the cottage, stopped at the #TCTrail in Huntsville, Ontario, to check it out! It was 8am when we got there and the area was heavy with fog, but it was extremely beautiful! We turned into the parking lot at Avery Beach Park at  the end of Yonge Street, grabbed our backpacks and headed out to do some exploring, donned in our #WoodsExplorer shirts to promote the [...]

Longpoint Provincial Park – Playing with FIRE!

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Longpoint Provincial Park is the fourth oldest park in Ontario, boasting over 1.5 km's of sandy beach!  It is one of my favourite beaches in Ontario and I have been camping at Longpoint for about 8 years straight now. The tradition was started by my friend Cynthia, who used to have a group of her friends join her there annually, and has continued on with our volleyball group, spending a few days of fun in [...]

TRANS CANADA TRAIL IN CAMBRIDGE – Grand Trunk on the Grand River!

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On Sunday August 9th, I left the TCT in Guelph and headed to do a section of the trail in Cambridge, in a somewhat round about way home. I was a bit tired from the night before, celebrating my friends wedding in Guelph, but had figured since I was already there, why not do some of the Trans Canada Trails out this way?  I mapped out a route to do the trail in Guelph, then [...]

Trans Canada Trail in Guelph, ON – Gorgeous Ride!

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On the morning of Sunday August 9th, I woke up groggily after celebrating my friends wedding.  I was in Guelph and therefore had brought my bike, deciding to do a portion of the Trans Canada Trail here today.  I got dressed, packed my backpack and headed out on my way, deciding to start the trail in behind Woolwich Street at MacDonell Street,  just a section down from the church where I watched my friends marry [...]

Its my 1 month Anniversary! -1300 views later! WOW… THANK YOU!!!

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One month ago, I started this blog. I had always recorded my adventures somehow, some trips are written in Word and saved on discs that eventually got copied to my external drive, some had been recorded on Facebook in photo albums with notations on each photo, some on my phone, recorded verbally on the recording app where I actually kept a voice diary of each day, some are in small notebooks in my office desk [...]

Paddling Black Creek – during a lightening storm & a tornado warning? oh my!

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On Saturday August 1st, I put my kayak up on my truck and headed to Outdoors Oriented to meet my friends Andrea and Kim.  We had made plans to go for a paddle today at the Welland Recreational Canal, but after checking the weather forecast, I needed to make a tough decision. Do I risk paddling with new paddlers in 33km gusts in what people have called 'a wind tunnel' in an area I've never [...]

TC Trail in NOTL with Mom – biking… uh… not biking??

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On Monday, August 3rd, 2015, I planned to go for a nice bike ride on the Trans Canada Trail with my mom.  A few weeks ago we were honoured with the gift of two #woodsexplorer shirts from @woods_canada to thank us for our interest in the Woods Brand and for my involvement in their growing online community.  They had asked to give one to my mom and for us to wear the shirts on our next adventure, and today [...]