July 2015

Hiking the Marsh Trail – Rondeau Provincial Park

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The Marsh Trail is one of the many trails you can visit when at Rondeau Provincial Park.  I camped at Rondeau from July 24th to July 26th, and the day of our departure, we headed to the Marsh Trail for a hike to stretch our legs before our 4 hour drive back home. Here is the description of the trail from the @ontarioparks website : http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/rondeau (I hope it's okay that I quote this? ) "Marsh Trail – 7.2 [...]

Rondeau Provincial Park- how to privatize your site!

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I saw a list of Canada's top 25 parks last year and Rondeau Provincial Park was on that list.  I have never been there, so I decided to put a plan in motion to resolve that.  My friend Beth was wanting a getaway, so we booked a site and planned our adventure. Here is the list of Canada's top 25 sites I saw:  http://www.explore-mag.com/the-top-25-campsites-in-canada As I've been camping quite a bit this summer so far, [...]

Yummy things to eat in the Backcountry when you’re not roughing it!

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I have had a few requests from people to do a post about food in the backcountry. Even my own mom was surprised when I told her we were having steak.  What? she said... You are going into the backcountry, you should be eating hot dogs no? hahaha. Well, I could, but I don't really like hot dogs, so I figure out fun things to eat and ways to keep them from spoiling and enjoy [...]

Not Roughing it in the Backcountry – Killarney PP

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On saturday July 18th at 4am my friend Steph and I headed up the Trans Canada highway to Killarney Provincial park for a highly anticipated backcountry trip on Carlyle Lake.  En route we saw two deers along the highway and then two moose! So totally exciting and I hoped a sign of things to come! Not by any means the best picture, but I love it anyways! Upon arrival we were greeted by enthusiastic park [...]

Climbing The Crack..err, I mean hiking it – at Killarney PP – AMAZING!

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I need to start this post by saying The Crack is the best hike I have ever done! I just couldn't wait until I got to the end, there, or,  here. Might as well be aligned right?  But I will now go back to the beginning and explain why and try and show you with the photos I took along the way just how amazingly awesome this trail is! It was a gorgeous day, Monday [...]

Woods Mini Pack Axe Mini Hatchet

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In preparation for my 3 day backcountry trip to Killarney Provincial Park Ontario Parks, I sought out the perfect tool to chop wood with.  I had recently bought a Sven Saw and loved it but that was for sawing wood and sometimes you needed a chopping tool when in the woods.  As I have been following the #woodsexplorer since day one, not being one of the successful candidates, but still very interested in the adventure of it all, [...]

Rockway Conservation Area – July 11, 2015

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Rockway Conservation Area is a 126 hectare park featuring the Bruce Trail and the Rockway Falls Side Trail.  It is a beautiful place to go for a hike, boasting many water features, great hiking and wildlife. On Saturday, July 11th, 2015, my friend Beth and I decided to go for an early evening hike at Rockway.  I am unsure if there are any other places to park, other than the lot I go to which [...]

Paddling 15 Mile Creek in St. Catharines, ON -July 12, 2015

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I woke up to a beautiful day Sunday, birds chirping, sun out and the promise from the Weather Network of a warm day! I was supposed to go out for a hike with my good friend Andrea, but she advised me she was a bit under the weather and couldn't make it. As I am going on a canoe trip next, then car camping without my kayak following, I decided I needed to get out [...]

@TCTrail in Wainfleet, ON, A beautiful serene section of the trail!

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Since I still have a bit of time to wait to go to Burnaby, BC and I love the @TCTrail, I figured Burnaby Street in Wainfleet would be a good place to start a section of the TC Trail for my bike ride today. I was very happy upon arrival to the trail. It was really easy to find it and I didn't get lost en route! YAY!  The trail is a bit more rural here [...]

#CleanUpOurParks One piece of trash at a time!!!

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After many hikes in the forest, paddles on lakes, rivers, streams, creeks,  and even just walking our city streets, I am realizing what a huge issue trash is becoming!  Yesterday my friend and I hiked Rockway Conservation Area in Pelham, ON and came across so much trash that I couldn't just stand by and do nothing! Our parks are where we play with nature and borrow the space to obtain serenity and peace for ourselves. [...]

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